‘P-Valley’ Season Finale: Really, Keyshawn?

Oh, Keyshawn! There is a lot going on in the season finale of P-Valley. In the penultimate episode of the show, Montavius caught up with Autumn/Hailey, Mercedes readied herself for her last last dance, and Uncle Clifford staged a protest for the Pynk.

While the romance between Lil’ Murda and Uncle Clifford has been a major plot point all season, the will-they-won’t-they seen with Keyshawn and Diamond has become another relationship that fans want. He’s been super protective of her, keeping an eye on the baby, her bruises, and that abusive boyfriend of hers, Derrick.

Did anyone win in Chucalissa? Here’s a recap of what went down in “Murda Night” for this popular TV series.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for P-Valley.]

‘P-Valley’ Keyshawn and Lil Murda | Starz

It’s the Pynk’s last night

It’s a big night at the Pynk—the last night. Hailey, afraid to be locked in the Paradise room with Montavius, makes up a story about stashing his money in the bank. $250,000 to be exact. Through a tense exchange, we learn she used to be a corporate accountant. He’s seething.

One of the other girls knocks on the door and Hailey runs to open it. Montavius grabs her up by the throat and it’s clear he’s not letting her leave the room.

Elsewhere in the Pynk, it’s Lil’ Murda and Miss Mississippi. They step on stage together for a joint performance, and Woddy has a music connect in the audience.

Lil’ Murda is surprised and excited that fans know the lyrics to his song. Keyshawn is doing her thing on the pole, and jealous Derrick is glaring at her from the crowd. She mesmerizes the audience, but Derrick is mad.

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Lil Murda ‘flexes,’ Mercedes tries to deal

Mercedes is giving Coach a private dance, and they chat. She asks if he’d be willing to throw her $10,000, and he’s offended that she thinks he’s an ATM. He counters with the offer to be a partner, and when she refuses, he brings up the pole-to-the-palace arrangement again.

Woddy introduces Lil’ Murda to Blue Guap and he’s really interested in Keyshawn. Even though Derrick tries to get her attention, she heads to VIP with Lil’ Murda and the other guys.

Big L brings in a tote of confiscated paraphernalia, and he and Uncle Clifford note how many guns are in the tray. They check the cameras and notice Hailey is breaking a rule by exposing her bare chest.

Uncle Clifford tells Big L to get Diamond to regulate. Diamond is too busy, Big L says he’ll do it, and this is where trouble begins. He doesn’t go.

Big L meets Duffy out back instead to get his truckload of drugs. Hailey is still stuck in the room and no one comes to her aid. That is until some kid hands Mercedes the “Missing Person” flyer with her face on it.

Mane sent it through the kid because he’s locked up. Mercedes realizes Autumn/Hailey is in danger. She leaves Coach and rushes to get Uncle Clifford for help.

Back in VIP, Lil’ Murda and the Blue Guap chop it up about his career. He warns Lil’ Murda about overspending, flexing, and being inauthentic. He’s also pushing a 360 deal and wants Woddy out the equation.

Woddy objects, and just then Uncle Clifford walks in and puts her hand on Lil’ Murda’s shoulder. He coldly disses her. Hurt, she walks out but not before reminding Keyshawn someone in the club is waiting for her.

Blue Guap talks trash about Uncle Clifford, but Keyshawn shuts it down with a rap. Now, he’s interested in working with her. Lil’ Murda feels guilty about how he treated Uncle Clifford.

Back in Paradise, Montavious tells Hailey how he killed one of her co-conspirators. He reminds her about the gang he’s in — Delta Devoted. Mercedes knocks on the door to offer bottle service.

We know she’s just trying to get into the room, and she bogarts. She plays it cool like it’s a double dance.

Uncle Clifford is in her office, numbing the pain of Lil’ Murda’s diss with liquor. He sees Hailey and Mercedes on the camera and pings Diamond again to handle it. Lil’ Murda comes into the office to apologize but Uncle Clifford isn’t interested. Murda is tearful and confused, but Uncle Clifford tells him off about not being ready.

Over in VIP, Derrick presses Keyshawn to come out, and she curses at him. Blue Guap runs more game about getting her a deal and after she leaves, he tells Woddy he’s not really interested in Lil’ Murda. Derrick violently pushes Keyshawn against a wall and threatens her. Things are tense in the whole club.

Trouble in Paradise

In Paradise, Montavius hands Mercedes cash to leave, but she says she’s staying unless Hailey says otherwise. Hailey tells her to go but the look on her face says fear. Mercedes moves quickly, breaks off a bottle and tries to lunge at him. He bests her and has Mercedes in a neck hold with the broken bottle to her neck.

He commands Hailey to get the money. She says it’s at the club and he gives her 5 minutes to retrieve it or he’ll “bathe the place” in Mercedes’ blood. Hailey rushes to her locker, changes her clothes, and takes the money. She notices her gun is gone and her intention is to leave the club. She changes her mind in the car.

Inside, Montavius spills dirt on Hailey to Mercedes, saying he welcomed her and her child into his home. During his rant, Mercedes realizes he doesn’t want money, just Hailey.

While that’s happening, Diamond confronts Derrick in the restroom about how he beats on Keyshawn. Derrick, in all his nastiness, says she should’ve never been around a bunch of gutter N-word. A brutal fight commences that spills out into the club. They fight over a gun and the crowd scatters.

Uncle Clifford sees the hostage situation in Paradise and calls for backup, but no one is available. She grabs a gun and rushes over. Hailey returns to Paradise and tells Montavius that her daughter Autumn died in a flood when she tried to escape him.

Keyshawn wavers, Uncle Clifford and Hailey to the rescue

Gunshots ring out! In the commotion, Gidget runs outside and tells Keyshawn it’s Derrick and Diamond. It’s chaos!

Uncle Clifford busts into Paradise and points a gun at Montavius. Out on the club floor, Keyshawn screams for the fighting to stop. Diamond is winning and suddenly, Keyshawn whips out a gun, cocks it, and yells, “Get off of him!”

We, the audience are in disbelief along with Diamond, who’s bloodied and bruised. What the __, Keyshawn?! Keyshawn is crying and begging him to leave Derrick alone and Diamond backs off.

More gunshots. Diamond rushes to the back toward Paradise with a gun raised. He hears more shots and blood spills out from under the door.

The next morning, Mercedes is crying on the curb outside her mother’s church. She begs Patrice for forgiveness, but she coldly dismisses her with some self-righteous, hateful drivel. Mercedes breaks down.

Uncle Clifford and her grandmother are dressed in funeral attire to head to the auction. Who’s there? All the girls from the Pynk, the mayor, Andre, his wife, and some other Chucalissa residents. When the bidding starts, Andre thinks he has it in the bag, but a well-dressed woman in white bids too.

It’s Hailey! She outbids the casino and dumps $250,000 in cash on the floor. Andre’s godfather/mayor is angry at him, and so is his boss.

After it’s over, he exchanges a glance with Hailey, and his wife notices. Oh well. Hailey extends her hand to Uncle Clifford as a partner. In the final scenes, it’s revealed Montavius has “been taken care of.” Now, we want to know what’s up with Diamond and Keyshawn.