Pablo Escobar’s Family Is Suing Rapper, 2 Chainz

2 Chainz proved there was more to him than rapping when he branched out into other business ventures. The rapper opened a successful Atlanta restaurant that has become a staple in the city. He also showed off his acting chops in an episode of Law & Order: SVU. But his restaurant may now be in jeopardy after the family of Pablo Escobar filed a suit against him, alleging 2 Chainz used the family’s name without approval. 

2 Chainz and Pablo Escobar
2 Chainz and Pablo Escobar via Twitter

Pablo Escobar’s family suing 2 Chainz over the rapper’s restaurant name

2 Chainz expanded his resume outside of music by getting into the food and beverage business. The rapper owns a popular Atlanta eatery, Escobar Restaurant and Tapas, which currently has two locations in the city. But Escobar’s family is pissed that the rapper has used their famous family member’s name.

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TMZ reported that the famous drug lord’s family’s company, Escobar Inc. is suing the rapper and business owner for a reported $10 million. They are alleging that the restaurants is a violation as it uses Escobar’s name without knowledge or consent, claiming the use of his name and likeness was unauthorized. 

Documents obtained by the media outlet noted that 2 Chainz used the family name not only for his ATL restaurants but also for the websites and social media, as well as merchandise. The restaurant and the menu have Escobar written all over it, including menu items like “Escobar Crab Cakes” and Escobar painted inside of the building. There’s also a mug shot of Escobar inside. 

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Escobar Inc. says they own the trademark to Escobar’s image and likeness and that 2 Chainz is profiting without approval.

Escobar Inc. not only wants $10 million, but they are also requesting an injunction that blocks the use of the name and likeness at the restaurants.

Outside of small plates available at the restaurant, hookah, libations, special brunches, karaoke, and music are part of the attraction.

TMZ noted that 2 Chainz could not be reached for comment regarding the lawsuit.

2 Chainz recently had issues with his restaurant related to the coronavirus pandemic

2 Chainz opened Escobar Restaurant and Tapas in 2016. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner before transforming into a lounge that has tapas available for purchase, with drinks and music. Brunch is also available on weekends. The menu consists of mainly southern delights and seafood and gained traction quickly, with celebrity guests surprising attendees at any time.

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A second location was opened shortly after and its popularity only grew, but the coronavirus pandemic halted its momentum, at least for live entertainment. The restaurant stopped all dine-in services when the city of Atlanta ordered all non-essential businesses to close. They began take out services only and were listed on food delivery options, such as Door Dash.

They eventually reopened, but one location was ordered to close per ATL police department in May 2020. Per TMZ’s report, officers drove by and “noticed that the location was rather loud, busy, and occupied to be operating as a restaurant at that time of night.”

Atlanta has a limit to the number of patrons who can be in restaurants and bars amid coronavirus, which Escobar apparently did not follow.