Paedon Brown Says He Knew Polygamy Wasn’t for Him Years Before ‘Sister Wives’

Sister Wives might be on hiatus, but Paedon Brown is not. The 23-year-old son of Christine Brown and Kody Brown has spent weeks talking about his famous family. In more recent appearances, he’s delved a bit deeper into his own life. During a TikTok event, Paedon told followers that he knew polygamy wasn’t for him years before the TLC show came along. He has pretty strong feelings about the practice. 

Paedon Brown revealed when he realized polygamy wasn’t for him. 

Paedon Brown has no qualms about discussing his family, their alternative lifestyle, or the events of the last several years. He has been a bit more guarded about sharing information about himself. That is, until now. In a recent TikTok Live event, Paedon sat down to answer more fan questions. 

In a startling revelation, Paedon shared that he knew polygamy wasn’t the right choice for him when he was as young as 5-years-old. Paedon turns 24 in August. In 2010, when Sister Wives premiered, he was 12. His sister, Truely Brown, was the first Brown family member born on the show. 

The 23-year-old ‘Sister Wives’ star has pretty strong feelings about plural marriage 

Paedon doesn’t just know that polygamy isn’t the right option for him. He alluded to having a serious moral objection to the practice. Before admitting he knew polygamy wasn’t for him from an early age, Paedon said that he could never understand how polygamists could say tell each wife they love them. According to his TikTok event, it’s a political issue over which he and his family disagree. 

Christine Brown with Paedon Brown wearing an army uniform with Kody Brown standing together on ‘Sister Wives’.
Christine Brown, Paedon Brown, and Kody Brown | TLC

Some Sister Wives fans have voiced similar objections to the practice. Many have long believed that Kody was only in love with one wife at a time. Kody confirmed that theory during the most recent Sister Wives tell-all. He said he was not “in love” with his second wife, Janelle Brown, and has long insisted he does not love Meri Brown. Since Christine Brown had already left the family, that only left one wife for him to be “in love” with. 

Paedon Brown has previously stated that he would have probably been in a polygamist marriage without TLC

Paedon insists he’s always known that polygamy wasn’t for him, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have practiced plural marriage. In a previous Live event, Paedon talked about what his life would have been like if TLC had never come along. 

Christine Brown, Janelle Brow, Kody Brown, Robyn Brown and Meri Brown pose for promotional photos for their reality TV show, 'Sister Wives'
The cast of ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

Paedon theorized that he would probably be married and courting a second wife if TLC never picked up Sister Wives. He noted that he’d be pretty miserable. Paedon explained that TLC opened up a new world to his family. It, he said, ultimately led them to move away from their church.

Paedon spoke of how staying in polygamy would have negatively impacted some of his siblings, too. He noted that the church would have never accepted his sibling, Mariah Brown, and their partner, Audrey Kriss. Paedon theorized that several of his siblings probably would have bought into polygamy, also. Interestingly, none of the Brown kids have yet expressed an interest in plural marriage as adults. 

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