‘Paradise Hotel’ Episode 6: Who Made New Love Connections and Who Went Home?

Paradise Hotel episode 6 began with Jair choosing his partner between Mariaelena and Brittany. Another guy and girl entered the hotel in hopes of finding a connection and winning $250,000. Which two unexpected contestants made a new connection and who went home on Paradise Hotel episode 6?

Paradise Hotel episode 6
Tatum, Bobby Ray, Host Kristin Cavallari, Jair and Hans | FOX via Getty Images

What happened in ‘Paradise Hotel’ episode 6?’

Paradise Hotel episode 6 started with Jair choosing Brittany as his partner, a decision that drove him to tears because he and Mariaelena were close friends. Carlos picked Kaitlin, sending Rosanna home, even though he already promised Tyler he would choose Rosanna.

However, Carlos said he wants to end the alliance. Bobby called Carlos a narcissist and said he could not be trusted. On the other hand, Tatum said she felt “a weight” off her shoulders” because Rosanna is gone.

Three new guys come into the hotel, but the girls can vote in one single. Brittany does not have a connection at the hotel, so she wanted everyone to pick who she likes. Tatum tells Kendall and Kaitlin that they should vote in a different person then what Brittany says because she wants Brittany not to make a connection and go home.

Kaitlin explained to Brittany what Tatum is planning; however, Brittany told Tatum who her favorite guy anyways. Of course, Tatum steered her differently, and convinced her to vote in Jared, a guy she called “weird.” Brittany ended up confronting Tatum, and they got into a huge fight.

The guys went to a pool where they met three women who wanted to check into the hotel. Jair, the only guy with no connection there, talked to all the girls and liked Jamie the most. Therefore, the guys voted Jamie in the house.

For the first time, the couples competed in a challenge. They had to melt a giant ice pop, using only their bodies, enough to get a key out. The winning couple then eliminates one person on the losing team. Brittany and Jared won, and Tyler and Shailee lost. They decided to send Shailee home.

The new Tatum and Carlos connection

Tatum felt like Bobby isn’t giving her much attention, and she claims to be a very physical person. They finally hooked up; however, Tatum said she didn’t feel any closer to Bobby. She talked to Carlos and admitted her feelings, while Carlos told her he finds her very attractive.

They end up making out in the bathroom, and David is the first to see something is going on. Bobby pulled Carlos to the side and asked why he and Tatum were talking. He lied to Bobby and claimed Tatum was upset with him for sending Rosanna home.

After the challenge, Tatum went into Carlos’ bedroom. He told her he didn’t like how Bobby was talking to her earlier, and they ended up kissing again. Carlos then told Kaitlin about it that night, because he claims he thought it would make their relationship stronger.

Who went home on ‘Paradise Hotel’ episode 6?

Carlos and Jared both stood behind Kaitlin. However, she chose Carlos, sending Jared home. Carlos now has the power to eliminate an entire couple.

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