Paradise Hotel: Who Won the $250,000 Grand Prize in Shocking Twist

The shocking finale of Paradise Hotel left one contestant, instead of a couple, walking away with $200,000, not the full grand prize amount. Because Jared got eliminated at the end of the last episode, the finale begins with him choosing another couple to check out of the hotel. Then, a jury consisting of their former hotel guests checks back into the hotel to decide who deserves the $250,000 grand prize.

** SPOILER ALERT ** This article contains spoilers including the winner of Paradise Hotel.

Paradise Hotel winner
Hans, Tyler, Carlos, David, Bobby Ray, and Host Kristin Cavallari | FOX via Getty Images

Hotel guests vote out one couple

Host Kristin Cavallari sent the four remaining couples to enjoy a dinner date on the beach and then informed them that a couple would check out that night. They must write down the name of who they want to go home, and put it in the sealed lockbox for Kristin to tally the votes.

The couples unanimously decided to vote out the fan-favorite couple, David and Kendall, because their connection threatened the guests. While David and Kendall express their love for each other, Jair ruins the moment by notifying everyone that he needed to use the restroom.

Jury votes out one couple

A jury made up of former houseguests came back to the hotel to decide which couple should win the $250,000 grand prize. All of them, except Kyle and Diondra, arrived and had watched the entire season on television. Therefore, they saw the contestants true intentions behind things that happened in the house and were able to call them out on it.

Tyler faced Rosanna and Shailee as they pummeled him with questions regarding how he felt about both of them. Brittany also found out that Tatum lied to her when she talked Brittany into choosing Jared instead of Zack. A couple of people questioned Carlos and his respect for women because of how he treated Mariaelena.

The jury voted by writing down the name of the couple they want to check out, and putting it into the sealed lockbox. Hans chose the couple he feels flew under the radar and Mariaelena admitted she voted for Carlos because she believes he doesn’t deserve to win the grand prize. Rosanna voted for the couple who has not established a real connection, and David wrote down the couple’s names who he says are deceitful. In a unanimous decision, Jair and Jamie checked out of the hotel, as several of the jury members felt they weren’t in the hotel long enough to win.

Who is the ‘Paradise Hotel’ winner?

The top two couples were Carlos and Kaitlin and Bobby and Tatum. While several people were friends with Kaitlin, they didn’t like Carlos because of how he treated the women in the hotel. Others guests believe Bobby is a genuinely a good guy who was loyal to everyone, but they also dislike Tatum because she lied to so many people. The members of the jury pick the winners, and they referred to it as choosing the lesser of two evils.

Nicole, Jamie, and Shailee chose Carlos and Kaitlin because they were good friends with Kaitlin in the hotel. Jair stood behind Carlos because they were also close. Rosanna, David, Kendall, Tyler, Mariaelena, Brittany, Hans, and Jared all stood behind Bobby and Tatum, making them the winners. Once again, the majority of people who chose Bobby and Tatum respected Bobby and wanted him to win.

Bobby and Tatum then had to face each other on the opposite ends of several squares lined in a row with dollar amounts written on them, holding a golden ball. They are to step on each box for 60 seconds; if they want the amount of money in the square they’re on, they stop and drop the ball, and the other person gets nothing. If the couple meets in the middle, they split the grand prize down the middle.

When Bobby and Tatum stepped into the $200,000 square, immediately after Kristin said, “And your 60 seconds begins now,” Bobby slammed the ball down, making him the Paradise Hotel winner. He stole the money before getting to the $250,000 square because he knew if Tatum would wait until the last square to take the money. And Bobby couldn’t let Tatum fool him again.