Parallels Between ‘Business Proposal’ and ‘Crazy Love’ Proposal Scene Has Fans Laughing

The two hit K-dramas, Business Proposal and Crazy Love, have met their end. Both dramas center around a romance story between a powerful and rich CEO and his employee. Fans swooned over the picture-perfect finale of Netflix’s Business Proposal as it ended on a high note. Disney+’s Crazy Love also ended on good terms and a marriage. But fans cannot help but chuckle at the shockingly identical parallels between both proposal scenes.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Crazy Love and Business Proposal.]

'Crazy Love' and 'Business Proposal' lead characters wearing suits and dresses.
‘Crazy Love’ and ‘Business Proposal’ lead characters | via KBS and tvN

‘Business Proposal’ and ‘Crazy Love’ both ended with the lead couples living happily ever after

The April K-drama Business Proposal starred Ahn Hyo-seop and Kim Se-jeong in the leading roles. Ahn played the role of Kang Tae-moo, the CEO of GO Foods. His employee, Shin Ha-ri, is played by Kim. Ha-ri poses as her friend for a blind date and learns the date is with her boss. She never expected Tae-moo to be adamant about marriage and gets caught in a lie-based relationship.

Their turbulent agreement to pretend to be a couple becomes true love. The two characters are still in love by the finale, and Tae-moo pops the question. Crazy Love has a similar idea to Business Proposal. Noh Go-jin, played by Kim Jae-wook, is the CEO of GOTOP educations. He is ruthless, self-centered, and known to treat his secretary poorly.

Lee Shin-ah, played by Police University’s Krystal Jung, has managed to not quite despite Go-jin’s horrendous behavior. Her life changes when she is diagnosed with cancer. She decides to seek revenge against her boss when he is in an accident and gets amnesia.

Shin-ah pretends to be his fiance and ruin his life. But along the way, Go-jin realizes the error of his way and starts to fall for her. By the end of the K-drama, they find true love and also get a fairytale proposal scene. But fans chuckled at how similar the proposal scene in Business Proposal and Crazy Love were.

‘Business Proposal’ and ‘Crazy Love’ used the same ring and same setting for the proposal

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Ha-ri and Tae-moo are in love, and when he returns from the United States, he has made his decision. Tae-moo pops the question while walking through a park covered in cherry blossom trees. He presents her with a silver heart-shaped diamond ring with a matching wedding band.

Crazy Love took the proposal scene and copied it almost exactly. Go-jin and Shin-ah have survived the worst and are more in love than ever. While walking through cherry blossom trees after Shin-ah’s first day as a teacher, Go-jin pops the question. Behold, he takes out the same diamond ring set Tae-moo used in Business Proposal.

Fans quickly noticed the parallels between the two K-dramas and had a good laugh. Some fans enjoyed the cinematic parallels, with one fan on Twitter commenting, “ok wth I didnt expect this!!! My two comfort kdramas have the same ending also the ring wth!!!” Another fan was perplexed by the similarities and commented, “IM CONFUSED @ BUSINESS PROPOSAL @ CRAZY LOVE IS THERE A UNIVERSAL KDRAMA ENGAGEMENT RING???”

While some fans were OK with the parallels, another fan on Twitter felt disappointed “#CrazyLove I’ll tell you right away. I hate plagiarism. Was disappointed. Because this scene is a copy of the final scene of the #BusinessProposal Beautiful. Yes. But it’s a copy.” Another fan poked fun by commenting on the joke about asking to copy someone’s homework and responding with, “Yeah, but don’t make it too obvious.”

K-dramas are sometimes all about propaganda and selling products

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While K-dramas are on the rise among fans, they have always had one common denominator. K-dramas have a long-standing rule of including incredibly obvious product placement and propaganda. During Jirisan’s initial airing, fans were upset over the unrealistic use of products. But it’s all a part of the business structure.

Crazy Love and Business Proposal is sadly no different and used the proposal scene to their advantage. Many K-dramas have been notorious for their jewelry product placement on their female actors. For the two K-dramas, it happened to be the same engagement ring.

The ring is by a brand called Fred, and it is from their Pretty Woman collection. Fans can see the ring for themselves on their website. According to the details, the ring is 23k platinum, 0.5-carat diamond, and has a ruby on the inside of the band. It sells for 7,700 € or a little over $8K.

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