Paris Hilton Reveals the Biggest Scams and Shady Practices in Clubs

Paris Hilton has long been a fascinating celebrity who has excelled at capturing headlines and keeping fans interested in her day-to-day life. Rising to fame among the reality TV socialites, Hilton has faced a lot of scrutiny and judgment over the years.

Now, she’s ready to talk about her life on her own terms. She’s put herself back in the spotlight with the control over her story falling into her own hands. 

In doing so, Hilton has made clear that her public persona and her real-life identity are not really the same. By showing the world how she really sees herself, Hilton is bringing up questions about the way she’s been perceived — and illustrated through the media — and bringing new fans into the fold. 

In a recent lengthy interview, Hilton skirts the line between her old self and her new one, using what fans remember best about her to paint a new picture of reality. 

Paris Hilton was a famous socialite in the early 2000s

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton | Tibrina Hobson/WireImage

There was a time in the early 2000s when you couldn’t avoid Hilton’s public persona. She was splashed across tabloids, and her name was on the tip of everyone’s tongue. The heiress of her father’s — of Hilton Hotels — immense fortune, Hilton was one of the socialites who seemed famous for being rich who rose to fame during this era alongside celebrities like the Kardashians.

Hilton translated her fame into a reality TV stardom that included appearing in The Simple Life alongside best friend Nicole Richie. She tried her hand at acting and has a filmography that shows guest spots in some of the hottest teen series of the time — including Veronica Mars and The O.C. She went on to some mostly panned film work and never really got a solid foothold in the industry. 

Being a party girl was Paris Hilton’s main public identity 

During the height of her fame, Hilton was primarily known not for her acting talent but for her public appearances at high-profile parties. Paparazzi followed her everywhere, and a single appearance from the famous socialite could put a club on the map. 

Her party life was made even more headline-grabbing after her 2006 arrest for a DUI. When she didn’t follow the terms of her probation, the heiress ended up in jail, drawing jokes and even more commentary from a public who loved to mock her by this point.

Hilton’s latest foray into the spotlight, however, feels different. Hilton is not just trying to create a new persona — she’s insisting that the public has never really known her in the first place. 

Paris Hilton gave a club pro-tip for ‘The Hot Ones’


You’ll Never Believe What Paris Hilton Is Doing Now After Being a Reality TV Star

As Hilton reinvents her public persona, she has been doing a lot of media appearances. This includes appearing on the web series The Hot Ones, which features celebrities doing interviews as they sample some of the spiciest hot sauce around.

The segment took Hilton through some of her party girl days and provided a pro-tip for the art of ordering bottle service in a club. Her pro-tip for those who want the lux treatment is to make sure you’ve got the hookup.

“You definitely need to come in with people who know someone in there,” Hilton explained. “If you don’t have a table sometimes at these places, it can be a nightmare.”

She also provided some tips to avoid being scammed. The biggest scam comes when the club operators spot a big spender who wants to feel like they’re getting special treatment.

“They will just make up like this crazy price because they know that the guy will pay,” Hilton revealed. She also warned against bottle girls who will come in when a big spender is in the club and start spilling bottles so that the guest has to buy more.