Paris Hilton’s Infamous Iron Bacon Hack Was Ahead of Its Time

Over the years the entertainment industry has witnessed its fair share of television shows. Dramas, comedies, and adventures are just a few of the genres that audiences and viewers can choose from.

Over the past few decades, reality television continues to become a more popular option. The E! cable network show The Simple Life was one of the first of many shows to highlight the possibilities when it came to reality TV.

Paris Hilton was one of the main celebrities on the hit-series. Take a look back at Hilton‘s journey in the spotlight and why some people are now thinking the reality television star may have been ahead of her times.

Who is the famous celebrity Paris Hilton?

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

In 1981 Hilton was born. She has always lived a very lavish lifestyle. After all, she does belong to the family that owns Hilton Hotels.

She started off in the entertainment industry as a model, but was also interested in acting. However, the celebrity started to become more popular in 2003 after her sex tape was released. This was around the same time her reality television series The Simple Life was launched.

The comedic show followed Hilton around with her close friend Nicole Richie. The show was centered around Hilton and Richie as they said goodbye to their luxurious lives and took on a much more grounded and work-centered journeys. After 56 episodes the series came to an end in 2007.

What were some of Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton’s most memorable moments on ‘The Simple Life’?

Over the four years that The Simple Life was airing the show’s audience and viewers got to know Hilton and Richie through their on-screen endeavors. Who could forget the time Hilton attempted to use a segway to help her mop?

The series did an excellent job of capturing the girls’ most memorable moments. One episode showed Hilton and Richie doing laundry for the first time.

In no time Hilton’s infamous tagline — “That’s hot” — was blowing up. However, more recently, Hilton has opened up about her time on the show. The star explains how she played into the ditzy persona that the show portrayed her as. That would make sense considering that something she once teased for on the show is now being passed off as a life hack. 

What did Paris Hilton get ridiculed for on ‘The Simple Life’ that is now being deemed a cooking hack? 


Paris Hilton Stole Her Catchphrase ‘That’s Hot’ From This Surprising Celebrity

One of Hilton’s most unforgettable scenes from The Simple Life has recently become very relevant. The star was heavily ridiculed when she was seen on her reality television series for using an iron to cook bacon.

However, now Hilton’s hack is getting a lot of attention and praise. A Tastemade article outlines a few simple steps and encourages people to try to make bacon with an iron, if ever in a crunch. The tutorial video demonstrated a young man explaining why this idea is in fact brilliant.

The video even took it a step further than Hilton and guided the viewers on how to construct a contraption to use the iron to cook an egg as well. Interesting to say the least, fans and viewers of The Simple Life can help but credit Hilton as the original inventor of the unconventional method.

Hilton’s attempts to prepare bacon on an iron may have been made fun of on The Simple Life, but times and opinions have seemingly changed. This is why some of Hilton’s viewers and fans think the star was well ahead of her time. Hilton was shamed for what’s considered a genius hack today. Talk about irony.