Paris Jackson Shares How She Reconnected With Her Mother Debbie Rowe After Michael Jackson’s Death

When Michael Jackson died in 2009, his mother Katherine helped raise his children. Paris Jackson was only 11 when her father died. Jackson says she has gotten to know her biological mother, Debbie Rowe, as a teenager into adulthood. Jackson turned 23 in 2021.

Paris Jackson smiling
Paris Jackson | David Livingston/Getty Images

Jackson was a guest on Red Table Talk on June 16. During an interview with Willow Smith, Jackson discussed how she reconnected with Rowe, how close she is with the rest of her family and what she learned about the name Michael and Rowe chose for her.

Debbie Rowe came back into Paris Jackson’s life when she was 15

Rowe was a dermatologist’s assistant who married Jackson in 1996. Together they had two children, Paris and Prince. They divorced in 1999. Rowe came back into Paris’s life several years after Michael’s death.

Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson on a balcony
Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson | Michel Dufour/WireImage

“It’s cool getting to know her, seeing how similar we are, getting into what kind of music she likes,” Jackson told Smith. “She really likes country and folk. I sent her some of the stuff I’m working on that have banjos in them. We look a lot alike. It’s just cool having her as a friend.”

Paris Jackson is still close with the Jackson family 

Paris Jackson publicly wished Katherine a happy 90th birthday according to The Sun. Jackson tells Smith she remains close with other family members related to her father. 

“I’m still very close with my brothers and I see my family during family reunions and I tell them all the time, ‘If you want to call me call me. I’ve got love and respect for all you guys.’” Jackson said. 

Holidays remain family time for the Jacksons. Since her father’s side of the family are Jehovah’s Witnesses, they don’t celebrate Christmas. However they still get together in December.

“I just saw my cousins for Thanksgiving and Christmas even though we don’t call it that,” Jackson said.

She’s heard two stories about her name 

Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe named their daughter Paris. Paris herself has heard multiple explanations. 

Paris Jackson on a red carpet for Motown
Paris Jackson | Phillip Faraone/WireImage

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“I’ve been told that Kathy Hilton and my dad were really close growing up,” Jackson said. “They were like best friends. I think they made some kind of a pact that they were going to name their first daughter Paris. We call [Paris Hilton] P1. I’m P2. Then there’s another story of just my dad really, really loved that city so much.”

The second explanation resonated with Jackson. She said traveling to her namesake city in France helped her feel closer to her father after his death.

“When I got to truly explore Paris I felt really connected to him,” Jackson said. “I was like okay, I get it. I just didn’t understand my name for a long time [but] I went there and I’m like I get it, this is awesome.”

Sources: Red Table Talk, The Sun