‘Parks and Recreation’: What is Alum Adam Scott’s Net Worth?

Adam Scott will always be Ben Wyatt to Parks and Recreation fans. Even though that’s the role he’s best known for, he’s actually been in a lot of stuff. He’s been acting since the 1990s, which means he was on classic sitcoms like Boy Meets World. He had a guest spot on the popular HBO dark comedy Six Feet Under. 

Since leaving Parks and Rec, Scott has appeared in a few other things. He’s a recurring guest on the hit comedy The Good Place alongside Kristen Bell and Ted Danson. He’s also playing Ed in Big Little Lies, another HBO project. While it’s true he hasn’t had a long term starring role in a show since leaving Pawnee, all those smaller credits add up. Scott has amassed a reasonable net worth

Scott is a grade-A comedian 

Adam Scott on the red carpet
Adam Scott | Kevork Djansezian/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

He was also in the hilariously weird Netflix show Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years LaterIn fact, his role was one of the weirdest things about the reboot. The show had all the same actors as the movie Wet Hot American Summer with one exception: Scott replaced Bradley Cooper.

The role and character were the same, but Cooper didn’t have time to reprise his original role. To add to the comedy, Cooper was replaced with Scott, and viewers were told the character had gotten a nose job. 

Scott was picked last-minute for the job, but the fact that he was on the producers’ minds is a testament to how solid an actor he is. It’s clear with his attitude and skill that his net worth will continue to grow. 

Adam Scott is not the richest ‘Parks and Rec’ star

While being a multi-millionaire is impressive, Scott looks downright poor compared to some of his Parks and Rec co-stars. Fans may assume that Amy Poehler, who played Leslie Knope on the show, has the highest net worth. That’s actually incorrect.

While it’s true that Poehler beats out Scott, she is not the richest Parks and Rec cast member. 

That title goes to Rob Lowe. It makes sense, considering Lowe has been a Hollywood staple for more than 30 years. He’s known for his rise to fame in the 1980s, but he actually has credits dating back to the 1970s. Now, he has the net worth to show for his decades of hard work. Lowe has an impressive fortune of around $60 million. 

Interestingly, even with a net worth of $25 million, Poehler isn’t even the second richest Parks and Rec character.

Chris Pratt, who played the goofy and loveable Andy Dwyer, has earned himself a $40 million. It’s probably thanks to blockbusters like Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy

Even though Pratt was mostly unknown when Parks and Rec started, he’s become a household name. He’s even shed his Andy Dwyer dad bod for a more traditional leading man physique

What is Adam Scott’s net worth?

Scott is a hard-working actor. He has appeared in so many things, sometimes just once or twice, or sometimes as a recurring character. All his effort has resulted in a reasonable net worth of $8 million. Considering he’s been working since the 1990s, that’s not half bad. 

The impressive thing about Scott is how versatile he is. Even though Parks and Rec was a comedy, Scott’s character was more of a straight man for the antics of other characters, like Leslie Knope or Andy Dwyer.

That doesn’t mean he’s not funny. His character in The Good Place proves that Scott can handle carrying a comedic burden without issue.