Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews Are Making the Most Out of Being Quarantined in Texas

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Mathews are making the most out of the current crisis. The two are quarantined in Texas amid the coronavirus pandemic and have been particularly active on social media over the past month. From posting workout videos to poking fun at each other, here are all of the ways Mahomes and Matthews are dealing with the quarantine.

Brittany Matthews Patrick Mahomes
Brittany Matthews and Patrick Mahomes | James Devaney/Getty Images

Matthews shares at-home workouts alongside Mahomes

Mahomes and Matthews are stuck in Texas for the coronavirus lockdown. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback is from a small town in Texas and returned home before the NFL’s spring training got underway.

Although Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews are quarantined at home — actually a pretty nice AirBNB — and are practicing good social distancing, they have been keeping in shape via at-home workouts. In fact, Matthews has been posting her workouts on Instagram for several weeks with Mahomes usually appearing as her guest star.

“P & B at home workout series comingggg,” Matthews shared a few weeks ago.

Matthews currently works as a certified personal trainer and has her own fitness company in Kansas City. She has posted close to a dozen training videos since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, which fans are free to access on her Instagram account.

Mahomes has taken part in most of Matthews’ video, though he has not always been a willing participant. Taking to Twitter, Mahomes recently asked his followers if he should do a workout with Matthews or “just crush some cool ranch Doritos and play @CallofDuty.”

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews hilariously spar on Twitter

When they are not working out together and posting videos, Mahomes and Matthews have been hilarious taking jabs at each other on Twitter. The jokes started after Mahomes told his followers that life is “sooooo boring” under quarantine.

“Man it be sooooo boring at the house all day!!!!” he noted.

After his teammate, Gehrig Dieter, told him he should just play Call of Duty, Patrick Mahomes joked that he can’t play video games too much or else Matthews “will get mad” at him.

“Oh really now I’m having lots of fun,” Matthews replied.

Matthews later revealed that Mahomes has been buying random pieces of art to hang in the house, most of which she would never buy. Mahomes then fired back and assured everyone that Matthews is the only one who does not like his taste in art.

The two clearly have too much time on their hands, but fans are loving the back and forth. Given how the lockdown will last at least a few more weeks, there is plenty of time for more banter between them.

What are Steel and Silver up to?

Apart from their own social media accounts, Matthews and Mahomes have been keeping fans updated on their two dogs, Steel and Silver, who have their own Instagram accounts.

The adorable pooches have popped up in a few of Matthews’ workout videos and seem to be enjoying their owners being home all the time.

On their own Instagram feed, the two pups have been relaxing by the pool, roughhousing with each other, and chilling with Mahomes on the porch. Life might be boring amid the lockdown, but it looks like Steel and Silver are making it a little more bearable for Mahomes and Matthews.

Patrick Mahomes jokes about new hair cut

Most people in the country have made sacrifices due to the pandemic, and Mahomes is no exception. With many businesses closed because of lockdown orders, Mahomes has not had a hair cut in over a month.

Taking to Twitter, Mahomes teased that he might have a whole new look next season, including a “curly fro.”

“One month without a hair cut….. about to have the curly fro here soon,” he wrote.

There is no telling when Mahomes and Matthews will be back in Kansas City or if the NFL’s upcoming season will begin as scheduled. Until things get back to normal, Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews’ interactions on social media have been a welcome break from the quarantine.