Patrick Mahomes Can’t Keep up With His Girlfriend’s at Home Workouts

It’s hard to think of an athlete who is having a better time in the spotlight than Patrick Mahomes. After becoming the NFL’s golden child overnight in 2018, he briefly took a backseat to Lamar Jackson before having the last laugh and hoisting the Super Bowl trophy in February. At home, however, Mahomes is just like us. He recently took to YouTube to talk about this for GQ Sports. 

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Mathews watching an NBA game
Brittany Matthews and Patrick Mahomes sitting courtside for an NBA game | James Devaney/Getty Images

Patrick Mahomes’s time to shine

It’s hard to believe that, despite becoming a household name and entering the sports lexicon the way few before him have, Mahomes has only played in two seasons as a full-time starter.

After going 10th overall in the 2017 NFL Draft. Mahomes spent most of his rookie season behind Alex Smith as he watched the Pro Bowl quarterback lead the team to a 9-6 record before winning his only game as a starter. 

The following year, however, everything changed for the better. Mahomes was given the keys to the franchise after Smith departed for Washington. Although Mahomes was the tenth overall pick of the draft, no one expected him to be a superstar. However, Mahomes wasted no time showing why he was one of the best quarterbacks of the 2017 Draft. 

The Chiefs went on a tear, and Mahomes’ arm combined with the speed and skill of teammates like Tyreek Hill made them an overnight success. Mahomes didn’t just show that he was talented; he already explained that he was practically a superstar.

He threw for 5,097 yards and 50 touchdowns against only 12 interceptions, leading the Chiefs to 12-4 record. After falling to Tom Brady and the Patriots, however, the team had to wait for Super Bowl glory. 

Luckily, that wait was not too long. Although Mahomes and company used a more conservative offensive scheme, the Chiefs were still among the best teams in the NFL. While Lamar Jackson got the kind of press that Mahomes had the year before, Mahomes was standing tall come the Super Bowl, and after showing an unprecedented ability in the clutch, he was a champion and an MVP. 

Patrick Mahomes’s at home

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For the GQ Sports Undercover series, Mahomes answered questions that were thrown his way both directly and indirectly. Mahomes answered a bevy of questions about everything from who his dream target would be as a quarterback (Randy Moss) to who he most looks up to as a quarterback (Aaron Rodgers). Not all the questions were about football, however. 

Mahomes answered questions about his favorite video games, which he claimed was Call of Duty. He spoke about his choices for pregame music, food, comparisons to LeBron James, and much more. However, the most interesting part of the video may have had to do with his workouts. 

Grueling workouts

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Lots of the questions aimed at Mahomes had to do with his workout schedule. While he spoke about his choice shoes and ultimate goals, he spoke especially candidly about how tough his trainer at home is.

No, this trainer isn’t someone hired by either he or the Chiefs, but his girlfriend, personal trainer Brittany Matthews. Mahomes said that Matthews wore him out with workouts and proceeded to show the audience video of what he does at home. 

Mahomes said that Matthews has him doing workouts that even a world-class, Super Bowl-winner as a hard time keeping up with. In a world where several athletes are unable to get their typical reps in, Mahomes has the luxury of a built-in personal trainer who will not let him take a day off.

Still just 24 years of age, this commitment to fitness could be what makes him dominate for years to come. 

All stats courtesy of Pro Football Reference