Why Patrick Schwarzenegger Is Texting With 500 Random People at 5 a.m. for 50 Days Straight

Patrick Schwarzenegger and his family are well-known for their prominent and celebratory status. His father, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has received countless awards for his work and skills in the acting field. Eraser, Red Heat, Twins, and Total Recall are just a few of the popular flicks the actor has been featured in. Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t limit himself to just acting, and in 2003 he added politician to his official resume when he was elected the 38th governor of California.

Perhaps he was inspired by his former wife, Maria Shriver, a highly-established TV journalist. Before Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger split, they had four children together. Over the years, their children have all found and forged their own path in the family’s spotlight. Find out why Patrick Schwarzenegger is texting with 500 random people at 5 AM for 50 days straight. 

Patrick Schwarzenegger smiling in front of a white background
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Patrick Schwarzenegger journey to stardom

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Growing up in the spotlight, Patrick Schwarzenegger had ambitious goals. In 2006, when he was just 13 years old, he made his first film appearance in The Benchwarmers. Shortly after he was in the headlines for his clothing apparel company he co-founded while still in high school. Patrick Schwarzenegger also spent a lot of his former years in the modeling industry. Social media went wild in 2015 when they learned Patrick Schwarzenegger would be joining the cast of Fox’s Scream Queens.

More recently, Patrick Schwarzenegger has appeared in films like Midnight Sun, Echo Boomers, and Moxie. It seems like the star’s roll slightly slowed after suffering from a problematic shoulder injury a few years ago. In Patrick Schwarzenegger’s interview with GQ, he opened up about his experience going through surgery and physical rehab. However, the ambitious actor has been setting new goals and working on them. Take a closer look at Patrick Schwarzenegger’s diet and what exactly led him to a group text containing 500 people. 

Patrick Schwarzenegger’s diet

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Fans and followers of Patrick Schwarzenegger were excited to have a sneak peak into his home. As Patrick Schwarzenegger shared in the exclusive tour of his fridge for Men’s Health, hot sauce is a definite staple in his home, amongst other things. Typically, the celebrity kicks off his day at 5 AM with a protein bar. A few hours later he likes to have a hefty smoothie. When breakfast rolls around at 10:30, Patrick Schwarzenegger likes to cook up some eggs, veggies, and breakfast meats to get fueled up for his day.

A few pieces of salmon is a classic lunch for the actor on the go, and he also will always have an afternoon smoothie as well. A pre-dinner snack around 5:30 is the norm for Patrick Schwarzenegger. After having a well-rounded dinner the popular celebrity will allow himself to indulge in one of his most favorite treats: ice cream. He admits that his diet is in fact a large one, but his meals and nutrition choices are geared toward supporting a lot of his ambitious fitness goals. 

Why Patrick Schwarzenegger is texting with 500 random people at 5 AM for 50 days straight

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In honor of his 27th birthday, Patrick Schwarzenegger has been working on gaining 27 pounds. Of course, muscle building is at the heart of his reasoning. His massive diet and nutrition choices are one important part, and, of course, on the other hand, is the fitness and exercise piece. Everyone, including Patrick Schwarzenegger, can attest to the tough times that have been brought on by the global pandemic, but having someone to help with accountability goes a long way.

However, in the case of Patrick Schwarzenegger, he has five hundred people. The popular star has been hitting the gym with the help of a group text geared toward rising and grinding. Though the group text has yet to figure out how to handle discrepancies between the time zones, overall, having the 500-person group text to wake up to definitely seems to be helping Patrick Schwarzenegger hold himself accountable.