‘BB19’ Runner-Up Paul Abrahamian Addresses the Cyberbullying of Former ‘Big Brother’ Houseguests

BB18 and BB19 runner-up Paul Abrahamian took to his Twitter to call out fans who cyberbully Big Brother houseguests they don’t like. Big Brother 21 pre-juror Isabella Wang joined in the conversation, and people felt like they were excusing their behavior.

Others didn’t like the message coming from Abrahamian and Wang, as some fans believe the two went out of their way to be extremely mean on television and should be held accountable.

However, the former houseguest clarified his statements, saying it’s okay to call things out, but doing so with harassment and death threats is “counterproductive.” Is Paul Abrahamian right, or is he making excuses?

Paul Abrahamian
Paul Abrahamian | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Paul Abrahamian calls out fans for harassing BB houseguests

The BB19 runner-up first tweeted a screenshot of a “notes” message, writing that no one “deserves” to be bullied online “for acting a fool on TV.” He further explained, “Big Brother is a social experiment involving real, imperfect humans, from different cultural/social backgrounds, that are jammed into a house filled with stress, drama, and paranoia, where they are filmed and emotionally / physically / mentally manipulated 24/7 as they compete for money.”

Abrahamian ended the message by saying viewers can watch the show and have opinions about the Houseguests without going “the extra mile” to harass that person and everyone they know.

The Big Brother star called people who do that “illogical, obsessive, hypocritical, counterproductive, and evil.” In another tweet, he questioned why stans are trying to “bully, micromanage, and slander the casting and producers of a multi-million dollar network show that you love to watch?”

He also told people to calm down because “not everything has an ulterior motive / evil agenda.” Abrahamian continued his message in another tweet, writing, fans get upset “if they showcase s****y behavior,” and accuse the show of “intentionally casting” them as well as get upset when they feel like CBS does not show someone’s bad behavior.

Isabella Wang responded to Paul Abrahamian’s tweet

Big Brother 21 pre-juror Isabella Wang quote-tweeted Abrahamian’s initial message agreeing with the former houseguest. She wrote, “There are so many days I can’t check social media because no matter how strong I tell myself I am, words can and do hurt. Be kind.”

The BB19 runner up responded, writing, “Hey Bella, I really hate to hear that. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for a chat/vent.” While some were quick to congratulate Abrahamian for offering support to Wang, others claimed both Houseguests were intentionally mean and called them “bullies.”

They also brought up a conversation Wang had in the house where she said she hopes “America f*g destroys them,” referring to Nicole and Kemi. Therefore, some began to believe the former houseguests were excusing their behavior on their show and asking fans to be kind to them when they weren’t so kind in the Big Brother house.

Paul Abrahamian clarifies his message after some take it the wrong way

After retweeting someone who praised him for being kind to Wang, he posted another tweet explaining, “People should be responsible for the things they say and do” and asked fans not to twist his words or sentiment.

He also shouted out the fans he’s met from his time on the show and called them “some of the most genuine, kind, and supportive humans” he has ever met.

Abrahamian then responded to more criticism, posting another “notes” screenshot which read, “Yo, literally no one is saying don’t call out racism, misogyny, bigotry, etc. I think it is extremely important to point out this toxicity in our current social climate. But combating these issues with death threats, harassment, and no room for growth/change is counterproductive IMO (in my opinion).”

He ended his long string of tweets by calling out those making fun of him for reaching out to Wang and referred to them as toxic people. Abrahamian closed by saying he used to think bullying and being mean was a way to “prove a point” but can now “see that method was not constructive at all.”

Do you understand what Paul Abrahamian meant or do you think he’s making excuses? Watch the Big Brother 21 finale tonight at 9:30 p.m. EST on CBS.