‘Peaky Blinders’ Season 6: Cillian Murphy Took This 1 Memento From Set

Peaky Blinders Season 6 star Cillian Murphy is preparing to bid the show farewell — but not without taking something to remind the celebrity of his hard work. The star revealed that he did lift a memento from the set after filming for Peaky Blinders Season 6. What’s more, it’s a memento with historical accuracy behind it, tying into the trademark look of the real-life Peaky Blinders gang. 

‘Peaky Blinders’ Season 6: Cillian Murphy took a memento

Peaky Blinders Season 6 marks the end of the series and the end of an era. Cillian Murphy’s role in the exquisitely written criminal drama helped it skyrocket in popularity. However, the star isn’t willing to part without at least one memento. During a chat with Jimmy Kimmel, he revealed that he did take something from the set. 

“I finished [filming Peaky Blinders Season 6] on Friday, last Friday,” revealed Murphy. 

“Oh you did, and that’s the last season right? Season 6 of the show? Did you take anything, did you snatch a memento, a razor blade or anything from the set?” Kimmel asked. 

“You know, I can’t ever wear a flat cap walking around. I did take one of [Thomas Shelby’s] very nicely tailored coats. Because they’re made for me, and very beautiful, I took that as a memento,” Murphy replied.  

Why do the Peaky Blinders dress that way?

Actor Cillian Murphy poses for photographers at the premiere of 'A Quiet Place Part II.'
Cillian Murphy | Mike Coppola/Getty Images

It’s impossible to blame Cillian Murphy for snagging one of those overcoats from the Peaky Blinders Season 6 set — they are impressive. However, the coats are also true to the real Peaky Blinders gang. In fact, the Birmingham gang was well-known for its sartorial elegance.

While there was no real Thomas Shelby in the gang, they did wear the trademark flat caps and overcoats seen in Peaky Blinders. And as cool as the razor blade hat myth is, disposable razor blades were not commercially available in Great Britain until 1908 — and the Peaky Blinders disbanded in the 1910s. An expert suggests that the gang’s name actually comes fro their choice of clothing. 

Birmingham historian Carl Chin suggests that the gang’s name came not from the razor blades but from the flat caps they wore, called “peakies” at the time. Additionally, “blinder” is a Birmingham slang term for anybody dressing extravagantly or elegantly — such that they might “blind” someone with their appearance. 

Between the gang’s iconic tailored coats and flat caps, they made a quick and lasting impression during a time when such sartorial extravagance was unusual in their Birmingham stomping grounds. 

When does ‘Peaky Blinders’ Season 6 air?

Actor Cillian Murphy poses for photographers.
Peaky Blinders Season 6 star Cillian Murphy | Jason Mendez/Getty Images

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As of now, Peaky Blinders Season 6 does not have an official release date. However, the show is expected to air sometime in late 2021 or early 2022. 

“We were due to start filming at the end of March [2020] until the end of July. If we did start shooting in January, we wouldn’t finish until May/June, and then it’s another six months of editing,” director Anthony Byrne told Digital Spy

This would dovetail with Cillian Murphy’s confirmation that the show recently finished filming. A late 2021 or early 2022 release would allow for about six months of editing time.