‘Peaky Blinders’ Season 6: Johnny Dogs’ Daughter Could Make a Surprise Appearance, According to Sources

It’s the off-season for Peaky Blinders, and fans are anxiously awaiting any news they can get their hands on for the upcoming final season. Peaky Blinders Season 6 is rumored to be released at the end of September 2021. Cillian Murphy, Paul Anderson, Finn Cole, and Anya Taylor-Joy all rejoined the cast for the final season. A few new faces, like Amber Anderson and James Frecheville, have also been confirmed.

A woman interviews Packy Lee while Sophie Rundle stands beside him.
Packy Lee being interviewed | Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images

However, some unofficial sources have also claimed that Johnny Dogs’ daughter will be introduced in season 6. The actor rumored to play Dogs’ daughter makes things even more interesting.

Who is Johnny Dogs?

Johnny Dogs is an old friend of both the Shelby family and the Lees. In season 1, he helps the Shelbys make peace with the Lees by marrying John Shelby and Esme Lee. Dogs eventually joins the Peaky Blinders. He is a bit of a background character who often cleans up after the Shelbys’ violent dealings.

In season 5, Aberama Gold expresses his belief that Dogs betrayed the Peaky Blinders to the Billy Boys. He attacks Dogs and drags him to Tommy’s house. However, Tommy does not seem to believe that Dogs would ever betray him. Still, some fans believe that Dogs is the “black cat” from Tommy’s ominous dreams.

Who plays Johnny Dogs in ‘Peaky Blinders’?

Packy Lee has been playing the role of Johnny Dogs since Peaky Blinders began. The Irish actor has been in a few other drama series previously, including Clean Break and The Frankenstein Chronicles, which won an AEAF Award and IFTA Award in 2016. Packy is married with three children, Fodhla, Saedhna, and Dallan.

In an interview with the podcast By Order Of The: Peaky Blinders, Packy discussed his character with the hosts. He stated that since Dogs is a character who has been friends with Tommy for a long time, he isn’t afraid to give him a piece of his mind. “I think if Johnny Dogs thinks there’s something wrong, he’s gonna tell him,” Packy said.

Will Johnny Dogs’ children appear in ‘Peaky Blinders’ season 6?

Dogs has three children, a son and two daughters, who have not yet been seen in Peaky Blinders. However, some sources have reported that one of Dogs’ daughters will make an appearance in season 6. In By Order of The: Peaky Blinders‘ most recent episode, they announced that Packy Lee’s 13-year-old daughter, Fodhla Lee, will be playing the onscreen daughter of Johnny Dogs.

This news has not been confirmed on any of the Peaky Blinders official pages. However, the podcast hosts may have some inside information, considering they interviewed Packy back in January. An article in Sunday World, an Irish newspaper, corroborated this news with an interview from Fodhla. The podcasters also noted that in their interview with Packy, he mentioned, “there’s gonna be the greatest actress of our generation on Peaky Blinders.” They now believe that he was referencing his daughter.

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