Pedro Pascal Continues His Daddy War With Oscar Isaac: ‘I’m a Bigger Daddy’

Fans of the Star Wars franchise are likely familiar with the famous friendship between Oscar Isaac and Pedro Pascal. The two met over 15 years ago and have remained close pals ever since, often making headlines for their antics together. Most recently, the actors have sparked an interesting debate with each other and among fans: who is the bigger “daddy”? According to Pascal, he’s the winner. Here’s what he said.

Pedro Pascal and Oscar Isaac attend the premiere of Triple Frontier in 2019.
Pedro Pascal and Oscar Isaac | Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Netflix

Pedro Pascal and Oscar Isaac have been best friends for over a decade

Pascal and Isaac’s friendship dates back to 2005 when they acted together on stage in Beauty of the Father. The show didn’t have a long run, but it was enough time for the actors to get to know each other and realize all they had in common. For starters, both actors came from Latin families and had similar experiences in the industry: for a while, they were only offered roles that directors thought would fit Latinos.

“It’s like, how many gang member roles am I going to be sent?” Pascal once told Variety.

Additionally, Pascal said he and Isaac have similar dreams. He told Insider:

“It’s something very special because it can be a lonely journey when you’re out there going after — it sounds corny, but going after your dreamsand to find family along the way.”

Nearly 20 years after their first meeting, Pascal and Isaac’s bond has only grown stronger. In fact, Pascal said Isaac is “the younger brother I never wanted.”

Pedro Pascal says he’s a ‘bigger daddy’ than Oscar Isaac after an online debate

The “daddy” debate between Oscar Isaac and Pedro Pascal goes back to early April, just a few days after Isaac’s Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in Moon Knight on Disney+. Fans had already given Isaac the nickname “Daddy.” He was asked about it in an interview with ET Today but claimed he didn’t know about the nickname. Still, he didn’t mind it.

“I didn’t know fans called me that, but that’s OK. They can call me daddy if they want to,” he joked.

Later, Pascal caught wind of his pal’s new nickname. As Discussing Film shared on Twitter, The Mandalorian star posted a video in which he agreed with the idea.

“Oscar is the daddiest,” Pascal said. “Alright, fine, he can have it.”

Now, it seems Pascal is walking back his statement. In a lie detector test video with Vanity Fair (seen above), Pascal claimed that he was actually a “bigger daddy” than Isaac.

“I’m older than him! Although he’s a real daddy. He’s got kids and I don’t,” Pascal said. “But ‘daddy’ is a state of mind, you know what I’m saying?”

Of course, it’s possible the interview was filmed before Pascal gave in and called Isaac the “daddiest.” Still, it’s Isaac’s turn to respond — will he accept Pascal’s statement?

Pascal shared more about his friendship with Isaac and their hilarious ‘feuds’

The “daddy” war wasn’t all Pascal talked about with Vanity Fair. After hearing that Isaac called Pascal his “sweet girlfriend,” Pascal affectionately called Isaac “Poopy Pants” — although he apparently can’t say Isaac’s real nickname out loud. Plus, he addressed Isaac’s statement that Moon Knight would win in a fight again The Mandalorian.

“Ridiculous. Moon Knight may win at Scrabble, but not in a fight,” he said before challenging Isaac to a formal duel.

Fans can catch Oscar Isaac in Moon Knight and Pedro Pascal in The Mandalorian, which are both now streaming on Disney+.

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