Penn Badgley Becomes More Disconcerting as a Dad in ‘You’ Season 3 Teaser Trailer

It’s been a while since viewers caught up with Penn Badgley’s stalker from Netflix’s You, but Joe is back in a new teaser trailer for season 3 — one that makes him even more disconcerting as he becomes a father. Although the new footage doesn’t reveal too much about the new season, it does make you wonder how the white-picket-fence life will play out for Joe and Love (Victoria Pedretti). It also raises questions about what will become of their kid (seriously, can someone call CPS?)

What happened in ‘You’ Season 2?

Penn Badgley as Joe in 'You' Season 2. He's wearing a blue denim jacket and blue button-up shirt and looking at something off-screen. The season 3 teaser trailer sees him becoming a dad.
Penn Badgley in ‘You’ | Netflix

You Season 2 saw Joe falling for another girl — aptly named Love — and once again turning into the stalker he claims to hate. That didn’t come as a surprise. However, Love turning out to be cool with his jealousy-driven killing was a bit shocking. Of course, it’s precisely the thing that stopped Joe from caring about their relationship.

What kept them together was her pregnancy, a development that pushes both of them to the suburbs to live an “ordinary” life. The final moments of the finale promise that won’t happen, however. True to character, Joe winds up spying on the neighbor at the very end. It’s clear he and Love are bringing a baby into the worst environment possible, and the teaser trailer for You Season 3 proves it.

Season 3 trailer for Netflix’s ‘You’ sees Penn Badgley’s stalker becoming a dad

True to season 3’s premise, Netflix’s teaser trailer for You mixes domestic life with the show’s murderous side, showing Joe baking a cake in an apron — but making sure that red filling looks as much like blood as possible.

The footage doesn’t share much in terms of plot details. However, it does reveal some big news about the baby Joe and Love are expecting. For one, it looks like they’re having a boy. Joe appears both excited and concerned, and his voice-over suggests he’s worried about creating a mini-me.

“Let’s just say I’m hoping you’ll do as I say and not as I do,” Joe says. He also shares the kid’s name at the very end: Henry.

Perhaps more terrifying is the fact that, once again, Joe insists he “can change.” This time, he’s not altering his persona for a woman. Instead, he’s doing so for the baby — and his monologue in the You Season 3 teaser trailer will no doubt leave fans wondering if this child is in danger by the end.

When does ‘You’ Season 3 come out on Netflix?


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In addition to releasing a first look at season 3, Netflix shared when You will return for its next outing. Written in red on the cake Joe is baking is the date Oct. 15, 2021. That means Joe’s next killing spree will arrive just in time for Halloween.

With a little more than a month left before You returns, fans can probably expect another trailer sometime in September or October. Perhaps Netflix’s streaming event, Tudum, will give viewers a better idea of what they can expect in the new episodes.