Questions We Still Have About ‘Penny Dreadful’

Penny Dreadful delighted and excited fans for years. Yet it ended somewhat suddenly, and left us with some questions. Like why didn’t Ethan Chandler ever meet Brona Croft as Lily Frankenstein? Why was Dracula such a letdown?

These questions and more are the ones that haunt fans. We don’t have the answers but it’s interesting to discuss the questions. There are several aspects of the story that we were left wondering about, and many fans want to know why.

Why didn’t Ethan meet Brona as Lily on ‘Penny Dreadful’?

This question requires a little background, even for diehard fans of the show. Ethan was dating a woman named Brona Croft. She was seriously sick, and in danger of dying. Eventually, she does die and then gets reanimated by Victor Frankenstein and renamed Lily.

He resurrects her, hoping she will be a mate for his other reanimated corpse. There’s only one problem: Brona/Lily has no intention of doing that. She eventually starts to attempt to take over the world with Dorian Gray instead. Which does sound more fun, we admit.

Lily is an exciting character on her own, but it would have been really interesting to see Ethan’s reaction to her. Especially given how different she is from her past as Brona. Instead, we are left to wonder what Ethan would have said and done had he met her.

Why was Dracula such a letdown?

Dracula is a classic character, and Penny Dreadful is great with those. So fans were excited to see him. Unfortunately, his storyline left a lot to be desired. His storyline with Vanessa was like a less interesting repeat of Vanessa’s storyline from season two.

Not only that, but he is responsible for Vanessa’s demise and faces zero consequences. He basically gets to live happily ever after. There’s just one problem with that: he’s the villain and villains aren’t supposed to get off scot-free. One of Vanessa’s loved ones should have gotten some kind of revenge by killing Dracula.

Why did Vanessa have to die?

Eva Green at Penny Dreadful photocall
Eva Green at Penny Dreadful photocall | Eamonn McCormack/WireImage

Vanessa’s death is controversial among fans. Some believe that it was a good ending for her character, while others think it’s a shame that she didn’t have a happy ending. Her fate, for many fans, did not seem to fit her character or the overall story.

Her death was quite sudden and it was sad that she asked Ethan to kill her so that Dracula wouldn’t get her. In the end, she was able to make her own decision but it was no less sad. Penny Dreadful leaves fans with a lot of questions, including why Vanessa had to suffer as she did.

Fans do not know the answers to these questions about Penny Dreadful but as you watch the show, you will find yourself enjoying it anyway. So Penny Dreadful will leave viewers wanting more. Luckily for fans, a spinoff is coming. Hopefully it will be as popular as the original.

If you want to watch the Showtime show now, check it out on Netflix! You won’t want to miss this exciting show. You’ll be glad you watched it when you did. Don’t forget.