People Are Calling Out Kim Kardashian West for Her Post About North West’s Friesian Horse

Kim Kardashian West is facing backlash from people on social media yet again. On Twitter, Kardashian West posted a photo of her daughter North West with a Friesian horse. The tweet drew criticism for a number of reasons.

Some called out Kardashian West for flaunting her wealth during a pandemic, while others criticized the reality star for not having an age-appropriate horse for her daughter. Social media users also made fun of Kardashian West for misspelling Friesian as “Freesian.”

Kim Kardashian West
Kim Kardashian West | David Livingston/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian West posted photos of the horse on Twitter

On June 29, Kardashian West posted two photos of a Friesian horse on her Twitter account. In one of the photos, North is standing beside the horse wearing Ugg boots, shorts, and a riding helmet.

“Meet North’s Freesian horse. We have 14 gorgeous Freesians on the ranch,” she tweeted.

The criticism against Kardashian West was swift, and several people responded to the tweet with the correct spelling of Friesian.

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“Can someone teach Mrs. Kardashian-West that it’s FRIESIAN not FREESIAN… If you’re going to brag at least google it first,” one Twitter user wrote.

Critics also pointed out North West’s riding attire

Kardashian West’s spelling is not the only thing people criticized on Twitter. Those familiar with horseback riding called out the businesswoman for possibly letting her daughter ride a horse without the proper attire, which is a safety concern.

“Teach your kid not to ride in UGGs. Or shorts. It’s extremely unsafe. But then again this is probably just a photo op. At least she has a helmet on. Sincerely, someone who rides their horses,” wrote a Twitter user.

Friesians were originally bred as draft horses to be used as carthorses or for farm work until they were later used to be ridden under saddle. While graceful, Friesians are still large animals and some found this to be another safety issue.

“I’m still processing North West getting a Friesian draft horse. She’s what 7 or so? A little girl should be on a pony that matches her physical size and skill level, and that family could afford the priciest little hunter pony. Make it make sense,” a Twitter user wrote.

Kardashian West did not post a photo of her daughter riding the Friesian. Instead, she posted photos from North’s seventh birthday party on Instagram that showed her daughter riding a different horse.

Some found Kim Kardashian West’s post to be tone-deaf

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, millions of people are facing unemployment. Because of this, some found Kardashian West’s posts about owning multiple expensive horses to be insensitive given the times.

“Kim Kardashian really looked at everything that’s going on right now and said ‘d*mn that sucks…..anyway this is our $30K horse & guess what? we have 14 more also this is our ranch which includes a go kart track BILLIONAIRE TINGZ,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Love to see young people pull themselves up by their bootstraps and earn their very own Freesian horse,” joked a Twitter user.