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It’s a tough balance for any celebrity. If your entire livelihood is based on people’s recognition and appreciation of you, then sharing details about your life could be an important way to stay relevant.

At the same time, celebrities have a right to privacy, and the over-the-top actions of fans can make a lack of privacy very challenging — or even dangerous. The question, then, becomes how much should you share about your life with the public? What’s fair game and what needs to stay behind closed doors? 

Different celebrities answer this question in different ways, but fans are calling out Kylie Jenner for claiming that she would parent with privacy in mind and seeming to go back on her word. 

Celebrity parenting requires tough decisions

Kylie Jenner on the red carpet
Kylie Jenner | Toni Anne Barson/WireImage

On the one hand, people all over the world want to share the joys of parenting on their social media platforms. From maternity photos to baby’s first steps and staged family portraits to candid shots of hilarious moments, getting to show off your children is one of the perks of parenting.

For celebrities, though, sharing about their children is a tough decision. For one thing, their social media reach is far, far broader than most everyday people’s. Their children did not necessarily sign up for a life in the spotlight even if their parents like the attention for themselves. 

Some stars have decided to share glimpses of their children as part of their public persona. Chrissy Teigen often posts pictures of her kids in her very popular social media feeds where she is known for mixing the cute with the hilarious.

On the other hand, stars like Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling have been extremely private about their family life and intentionally avoid posting information about their kids. Some stars straddle the line by occasionally sharing a specific photograph or two but mostly keeping things under wraps

Kylie Jenner vowed to keep daughter Stormi’s privacy

Jenner would know more than most what it’s like to grow up in the spotlight. She was just a child when Keeping Up with the Kardashians aired, and as the youngest of the famous sisters, more of her life has been captured for the public eye than any other. Perhaps this is what she had in mind when she initially vowed to make things different for her own daughter. 

Of course, one of the big questions is whether little Stormi — Jenner’s daughter with Travis Scott — would appear on the same reality show that made her mom famous. In 2019 for W Magazine, Jenner made it clear that she did not want to force that kind of fame on her daughter.

“I am going to wait until she is old enough to make that decision for herself,” Jenner explained. However, she didn’t make it clear at what age she would consider the child old enough to consent to being in the spotlight. Would she need to wait until adulthood? Or just until she was old enough to understand what it meant to be on camera? 

Fans think Kylie Jenner went back on her word


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Some fans are frustrated with the way Jenner has made Stormi be in the public eye since making those statements about privacy. Jenner had explained her stance on the issue by citing her own experiences of filming Keeping Up with the Kardashians from the age of 9: “When you grow up on camera, everybody feels like they know you, but they don’t… I think a lot of people have misconceptions of who I am.” 

Fans now believe Jenner is doing the same thing to Stormi — but at an even younger age. One commenter on Reddit summed up the perspective: “[K]ylie was so secretive about her pregnancy I was kinda proud of her. And she said she [wasn’t] gonna show her child in the spotlight. I was like damn you go [K]ylie what a mature [decision] not putting your child in the lime light…and now she used [S]tormi any chance she gets.” 

Stormi features heavily in her mom’s social media presence and even, according to Screen Rant, appears to have an Instagram of her own despite being a toddler. It looks like Jenner either changed her mind or struggled to separate her ideals from reality. 

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