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Keeping Up With the Kardashians is the E! reality cable television series that so many people adore. The television show first premiered in 2007, and a lot has happened since then.

There is always a new discussion or thread going on when it comes to popular television series Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Recently Kim Kardashian shared a post on Instagram that sparked a lot of sentimental conversations amongst loyal fans and viewers. Kim Kardashian’s post led fans and viewers of Keeping Up With the Kardashians reminiscing about the past. Find out just what everyone is talking about and what viewers and fans of the reality television series miss so badly. 

The Kardashians are, among other things, Instagram famous

Kylie Jenner on the red carpet
Kylie Jenner | Ari Perilstein/Getty Images for A-OK Collective, LLC.

The post that Kim Kardashian shared showed a glimpse of the reality television star babysitting her nephew Mason Disick. The photo was captioned, “When I baby sit…” The pair were lounging together on the couch indulging in what looked to be some grade A snacks.

Fans and viewers of Keeping Up With the Kardashians went wild on Reddit over the post. So many people expressed how much they loved it and what a fresh breath of air the Instagram post was in comparison to the reality television star’s normal social media presence.

In the recent Reddit thread that references the sweet photograph one fan explained, “I love this type of content; when they (in this case Kim) show a more humorous/personal side of themselves and not the endless marketing – wish we’d see more of that!”

Other fans and viewers eagerly agreed, but that wasn’t the only content they talked about missing.

The Kardashians’ Instagram workouts

Kim Kardashian’s playful Instagram post had a lot of fans and viewers of the reality television star feeling nostalgic for the past. The post seemed to capture a more genuine and lighthearted side of the famous celebrity that many fans and viewers appeared to miss.

Some viewers of Keeping Up With the Kardashians used the Reddit thread as an opportunity to express why they have been frustrated with the cast on social media. An upset fan commented, ” i don’t even bother looking at their stories anymore because i don’t care for anything outside of their personal stuff like they used to post on snapchat all the time back in the day. miss that!”

Many fans and viewers noted that a lot of the cast’s Instagram accounts have become more focused on the stars’ brands and businesses versus their own personal lives. Fans expressed that they wish the cast could maintain a better balance, and they also brought up just how much they miss the Kardashians’ Instagram workouts.   

Fans aren’t happy with the Kardashians’ Instagram accounts


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As a lot of the fans pointed out, 2015-2016 seemed to mark the peak of the Kardashians sharing their workouts via Instagram. Oddly enough, it seemed to be a really big hit. Many fans recalled the videos and insight as motivational and inspirational.

One fan fondly recapped the memories and stated, “Their insta hay day was like, 2015-2016, when they posted their work outs every morning and way less marketing. I used to watch their insta work outs right before i did my own work out cause it was such killer motivation! I miss it.” 

A surprising amount of comments echoed the same message. Fans and viewers of Keeping Up With the Kardashians truly seemed to enjoy the workout videos that the stars routinely shared in the past. 

If so many people were such big fans of the videos and the concept, it doesn’t seem to make sense as to why the cast would slow down and stop. Some fans and viewers expressed a few of their theories to help explain the unwelcomed change.

One viewer said, “I remember Khloe going on a rant that everyone was ‘ungrateful’ they were showing their workouts ‘for free’… so maybe they tried to monetize it someway and it didn’t work out, idk, but I think they mostly stopped because people were being so critical.”

Though the beloved cast has never addressed the issue head-on, many people can see how this could be believable.