People Share the MCU Moments That Shocked Them the Most

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is filled with master creators who are used to crafting storylines that can appeal to a broad fan base. They truly have to put in something for everyone. Without humor, the intense drama of the MCU would fall flat, so writers have to make sure to put in some funny moments. Still, when fans rank their top films from the MCU, they often pull from the most dramatic and serious options. Through all the ups and downs, the laughs and the cries, there are several moments that floored fans and left them speechless. 

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Some MCU fans are shocked by innuendo

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In a Reddit thread on the subject of the most shocking MCU moments, many fans pointed to moments of sexually suggestive innuendo. Sometimes, these lines seemed out of place for films that weren’t billed as being for mature audiences. In fact, many of the MCU fans are children, so fans could find themselves a little taken aback by the grown-up jokes and suggestions buried within the otherwise kid-friendly settings. 

One joke in particular that stood out to fans as shocking was from Spider-Man: Homecoming. The 2017 film features Peter Parker as a high schooler, so the audience certainly consisted of several younger comic fans. Peter’s best friend, Ned, finds out about his identity as Spider-Man and helps him remotely. When Ned almost gets caught in the act, he awkwardly shuts his computer and tries to find a convincing lie. He lands on a stammered and uncertain, “I’m looking at … porn.” It’s not graphic, and it’s not even true, but the reference to porn in the midst of this family-friendly film shocked some viewers. 

MCU fans find some moments heartbreaking

Of course, high drama is a signature of the MCU, and — even when fans know that it’s coming — seeing those most heartbreaking moments play out on-screen can be shocking in their own right. No matter how many times they’ve heard about characters’ deaths through spoilers or through the original material, fans find there’s something about seeing it happen that makes it sting. 

This is certainly true of one of the most talked-about and iconic moments from the MCU: Thanos’ snap. Many people already knew it was coming before they ever saw it, but that didn’t change the heart-stopping impact of watching it go down. All those lives — characters that had been beloved and watched over many films and many years — were obliterated in an instant. No matter what happened later, that moment was breathtaking and heartbreaking. 

MCU plot twists and connections keep fans thinking 

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The plot twists also featured heavily in fans’ discussion of the most shocking moments. One fan pointed to the moment that Vulture is revealed to be Liz’s dad. “It seems like such an obvious twist, but the way it was executed really caught me off guard,” the fan wrote. 

Another shocking moment was the Hydra reveal in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Even fans who knew it was coming were caught off guard: “I had read some of the spoilers beforehand, but I had no idea it was that big.” 

It’s these kinds of twists and turns that keep fans tuning in across the different iterations, and Marvel fans are especially thrilled when there is a subtle nod to a plot point from a different film. The chance to piece together a giant puzzle is one of the big draws of having such a complex and multifaceted universe of interconnected characters. Some remember their most shocking moments in the quiet connections that they only got after having spent a lot of time dedicated to watching the films.