Pepa Reveals If She’s Leaving ‘Growing up Hip Hop’ Now That Her Daughter Egypt Criss Has Quit

Egypt Criss revealed recently that she has no plans to return to Growing up Hip Hop. Criss, the daughter of hip-hop legend Sandra “Pepa” Denton of Salt-n-Pepa, is seemingly upset about the way her relationship with her fiance, Sam Mattick, is shown on the show. Because Criss is leaving, many fans ave wondered Pepa will also depart the series, which they have starred in since its inception.

Egypt Criss and Sandrda "Pepa" Denton in 2018
Egypt Criss and Sandra “Pepa” Denton in 2018 | John Shearer/Getty Images

Egypt Criss and Sam Mattick have been controversial on the show

Criss and Mattick’s relationship has been super controversial during this season of Growing up Hip Hop. Many of Criss’ friends and fellow cast members were not fans of Mattick and spent much of the season trying to vet him. This season is a stark contrast to Criss in prior seasons, as she remained out of most of the drama.

Even though there has been all of this controversy, the two have remained together and are going strong despite their detractors. of all the naysayers, the Criss and Mattick have remained together and seem to be going strong, despite all the things that everyone has said about them.

Everything reached new levels in a recent episode that featured an altercation between Criss and Briana Latrise. The two have not seen eye to eye all season because Latrise does not like Mattick. When they had a confrontation due to the situation, Criss seemingly hit Latrise in the face. Since the episode’s airing, Criss has inside that the fight did not happen as depicted on-screen since the show did not actually air the footage of the hit.

Why she’s quitting the show

When the episode aired, she wrote on Twitter, “Briana just tell the truth. You pushed me too far, I fought back and in result it left you dazed on the floor for almost 60 seconds after my fist knocked you through the glass door. #simpleasthat.”

Criss says that she is quitting the show due to how she has been presented this season. She posted on social media, “I respect myself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves me, grows me or makes me happy. It’s time for me to rise from the ashes from being falsely represented to you, the people I love most, which is why I have decided to resign from Growing Up Hip Hop.”

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Is Pepa Denton also leaving the show as well?

On Instagram Live, she responded to a fan who asked if she was leaving the show along with Egypt.

According to Urban Belle Mag, she said, “I’m not gonna leave the show with my daughter. I’mma stay on the show. I’m not leaving. I’ma stay on the show. And I got this.”

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Along with Criss and Mattick, Master P and his son Romeo Miller have also said that they will not be returning to the show.

Growing up Hip Hop airs weekly on We TV.