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In the new Netflix reality TV show Perfect Match, the contestants compete in compatibility challenges with the goal of finding love. While it doesn’t look like any of the matches lasted once the cameras stopped rolling, it seems counterintuitive for any of them to show up while they had a significant other back home. However, Francesca Farago says that Chase DeMoor had a girlfriend while filming.

'Perfect Match' stars Chase Demoor, Izzy Fairthorne, and Calvin Crooks in a photo from behind the scenes.
‘Perfect Match’ star Chase DeMoor allegedly had a girlfriend while filming. | Netflix

‘Perfect Match’ Villain Francesca Farago Says Georgia Hassarati Is Lying on Nick Viall’s Podcast – ‘This Never Happened’

Chase DeMoor failed to find a lasting relationship on ‘Perfect Match’

Chase’s goal from the moment he arrived at the villa was to cause chaos. He and Kariselle Snow went on a date, but Kariselle chose to match with Joey Sasso instead. Chase then matched up with Anne-Sophie Petit Frere, and the two won the next compatibility challenge, which involved rating their co-stars’ kissing skills. During the ratings reveal, Chase gave Kariselle a two and claimed she chipped his tooth. This turned out to be a lie, but nonetheless, he and Anne-Sophie secured the win.

Instead of exploring his match with Anne-Sophie, he chose to send himself on a date with Georgia Hassarati. However, this match ultimately failed as well. Throughout the season, he attempted to match up with other women, including Francesca, but in the end, Chase left the house single. Or so viewers thought. Now, Francesca claims Chase had a girlfriend the entire time.

Francesca told Nick Viall that Chase had a girlfriend while filming ‘Perfect Match’

In a recent appearance on The Viall Files, Nick Viall’s podcast, Francesca discussed her time on the show. She went into detail about her fight with Savannah Palacio and said Savannah had a boyfriend while filming. This led Viall to ask Francesca if anyone else had a significant other while filming.

“Yeah, Chase,” Francesca said.

Viall’s co-host, Ally Van Dam, chimed in, asking, “The vacation TikTok girl?”

“I didn’t have physical proof, but a lot of other people were like, ‘I just talked to his girlfriend last week,’” Francesca replied.

Most people think his alleged girlfriend was influencer Gabrielle Moses

Fans began searching social media for clues about a potential girlfriend, and they stumbled on influencer Gabrielle Moses. In early 2022, right before Perfect Match began filming, Gabrielle posted several photos on Instagram with Chase. One video showed the couple in Hawaii and Chase talking about a Louis Vuitton bracelet Gabrielle gave him. Plus, in December of 2021, she posted a video of the two of them opening Christmas gifts together.

While Chase hasn’t commented on the situation, Francesca seems pretty insistent he arrived to film Perfect Match with a girlfriend waiting in the wings back home.

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