Pete Davidson Blames Ariana Grande for ‘Sending the Wolves’ on Him

Some might say that Pete Davidson is kind of a mess. He’s certainly had his share of success, as one of the youngest Saturday Night Live cast members ever (although he’s dropped hints that his time there is coming to an end). He has a new Netflix special, and a biopic coming out, called The King of Staten Island

But at the same time, Davidson’s personal life has been dogged by drama. He’s reportedly had serious mental health problems, and his dating life is kind of legendary for how badly it’s worked out.

In an interview on YouTube, Davidson talked about one of those relationships, and the consequences it caused that he’s still dealing with. And he’s not happy about it. 

Ariana Grande on the red carpet
Ariana Grande | David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Hot takes on ‘Hot Ones’

Recently Davidson appeared on the YouTube show Hot Ones, where host Sean Evans interviews celebrities while they eat hot wings. Evans asked Davidson how he feels about being followed by the paparazzi, and Davidson didn’t hold back. 

He immediately said that the paparazzi presence in his life was “really annoying,” and he didn’t stop there. Apparently he feels like the situation is all his ex-girlfriend’s fault. “Because like Ariana Grande made me all famous and stuff,” he complained. “She set the wolves on me! She made me and created me.”

It’s true that Grande’s fame definitely brought him more attention than he was used to during their famously short-lived romance. Part of the reason that attention has lingered is that both of them continue to complain about each other, so it might not be entirely fair to blame it all on her. 

He hates this about the paparazzi

It’s not just his own loss of privacy that he minds. The relentless photographers follow him to his home town of Staten Island, invading his family’s space too. “My mom has to go to work and there’s these fucking weirdos outside. It’s embarrassing and it sucks.”

But he is also unhappy about how the paparazzi affect his choices. He doesn’t appreciate how it feels to be pursued, especially when he’s in an altered state. “I like to smoke weed and be high in public and it’s very scary when someone’s [taking pictures].”

Davidson has said that he uses pot to help him deal with the symptoms he experiences from living with the autoimmune disorder known as Crohn’s disease.

He’s found one thing helps

Davidson has opted out of social media a few times, most famously in 2018, a few months after he and Grande broke up. He made a disturbing comment that people interpreted as a suicide threat. “i really don’t want to be on this earth anymore,” he wrote. “i’m doing my best to stay here for you but I actually don’t know how much longer I can last.” In the subsequent firestorm, he deleted his Instagram.

While people may associate this choice with some dark days for Davidson’s mental health, he feels that being out of the social media world has been a healthy move for him. “It’s just, I don’t think it’s good for anybody but especially anybody that has like a job around this stuff. Cause you just you see every comment.” 

Getting away from all that scrutiny has helped him relax about what others think of him. He’s no longer trying to impress anyone, and that seems to bring him some measure of peace.

Davidson and Grande really don’t have very many positive things to say about each other these days, which definitely keeps the public interested in them. Hopefully, Davidson will figure out how to live with all the attention and leave some of his irritation behind.