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People can say what they’ll say about Pete Davidson, but he and his best friend Colson Baker really know each other.

They proved it in a video filmed for Netflix. The Best Friend Challenge clip shows Baker and Davidson answering 23 questions about each other. They write the answers on white boards, but don’t show each other as they write. Then, when they’re done, they compared answers. Davidson and Baker did pretty well. They seem to really know each other, right down to their routines and favorite emojis.

They didn’t get everything right, but that didn’t stop Davidson for throwing some shade at Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott at the end of his clip. 

Pete Davidson says Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott barely know each other

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner
Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner | Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Netflix

At the end of his video, Davidson looks into the camera and says that he thinks he and Baker did well. As he puts it, “I know it’s not no Travis and Kylie stuff where they’re like ‘Even though we’re together but I don’t know sh** about you!’ We’re real homies.”

Davidson was referencing a similar video that Kylie and Scott did in 2018. They were together at the time, and they had already welcomed baby Stormi. 

Kylie and Scott’s video was recorded for GQ. The two sat opposite from one another, and she asked Scott questions about herself. He answered, and then graphics on the screen indicated whether or not his answers were right or wrong.

Presumably, someone on set also gave Scott a hint as to how he was doing, because he keeps looking behind the camera during the clip. Unfortunately, their challenge did not go as well as Baker and Davidson’s. 

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott didn’t seem to have met before in their interview

Kylie and Scott’s interview was nothing short of awkward. First, the two have no chemistry. Davidson and Baker seemed to have more rapport than Kylie and Scott, and the latter two have a child together. Baker and Davidson are just bros, they shouldn’t be more into one another than a couple like Scott and Kylie. 

Second, Scott didn’t seem to know much about Kylie. He may have been under pressure, and to be fair, some of the questions were hard. But Scott couldn’t remember Kylie’s dogs’ names. The two were living together at the time, with said dogs. Kylie had four pups at the time, and Scott was only able to remember Norman.

Kylie gave him ample opportunity to guess, and tried to give Scott hints, but he still couldn’t remember any dogs but Norman.

He didn’t know any of Kylie’s hobbies, and in one sad instance, seemed to confuse her with her sister Kendall. Fans picked up on his mistake right away, proving Kylie’s followers may know more about her than Scott. 

Fans agree with Pete Davidson 


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Fans on Reddit think Davidson was right about Kylie and Scott’s interview. Some of the comments on the YouTube video were quite critical of Scott, and his lack of knowledge about Kylie.

One YouTube commenter noticed that Scott confused Kendall’s lip tattoo with Kylie, which isn’t a good sign for their relationship. “That awkward moment when he said she has a tattoo on her lip when actually, that’s Kendall.”

Another commenter pointed out just how uncomfortable they seemed with this great analogy: “They act like those awkward kids who got put together for a school project.”

Fans on Reddit also thought that Kylie and Scott were awkward together. But the one couple that seems to be working is Davidson and Baker. As one Redditor commented, “These two are so cute.”