Pete Davidson Teaming Up With ‘The Purge’ Director for Horror Thriller

Pete Davidson encountered a gruesome, deadly fate in The Suicide Squad as Blackguard. However, he’s not finished with on-screen grimness. The Purge director James DeMonaco reportedly recruited the Saturday Night Live star for his next project which he describes as a scary movie. How did he manage to talk Davidson into it? The pair have a cool connection.

Pete Davidson at the Met Gala, 2021
Pete Davidson | Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Pete Davidson and ‘The Purge’ director working together on horror movie

DeMonaco already announced that he has a Purge 6 script in the chamber, and he’s waiting for a thumbs up from the studio. In a recent interview with Collider, he shared that he has another film in development with Davidson as a lead. But this one will be more frightening than what fans saw in The Purge franchise.

“It’s actually more horror, I would say, than The Purge. For true horror fans, I’d say it’s more horror genre. I would say it’s psychological horror. It’s paranoid thriller horror,” DeMonaco explained.

“It looks like Pete Davidson is gonna star. Pete’s attached, and he’s a friend of mine who lives up the street here in Staten Island. We’re hoping to shoot in the New Year. We’ve just finished drafts, we’re showing some people, and there’s interest. It’s a great role for Pete. It’s a very serious role, and that looks like it will be next. I have a couple of other things brewing, but that seems like the closest one to happening.”

DeMonaco was impressed with Davidson in 2 movies

In 2019, Davidson starred alongside Machine Gun Kelly, Jon Cryer, and Sidney Sweeney in Big Time Adolescence, a coming-of-age comedy. Davidson played a 20-something slacker named Zeke whose influence on his 16-year-old buddy leads to questionable outcomes.

DeMonaco loved Davidson in the film. He learned that the SNL alum is a huge fan of the Purge movies. They’ve joined creative forces on one script, and DeMonaco feels after seeing Davidson in The King of Staten Island and Big Time Adolescence, he’ll knock the new horror flick out of the park.

“I thought that he had amazing moments, especially when he’s alone in that movie. And in the movie that we might do together, he’s alone quite a lot,” he said. “Seeing those two [movies] back to back, I was like, “There’s something here that I think Pete feels right for.” He read it and he felt good too.”

Davidson to play Joey Ramone in biopic

Next up for Davidson is the lead role as Joey Ramone in a musical biopic. The Ramones were legendary and influential for their punk rock style, and they ruled the ‘70s. Joey was one of the original members and formed the band in New York. As the group’s frontman, was a favorite among fans. He died in 1995 after a cancer battle.

Davidson told Billboard he’s excited and nervous about portraying Joey Ramone’s life and musical talents on screen. And he’s even taking vocal lessons. Should DeMonaco’s movie get the green light, Davidson will have conquered comedy, drama, action, and horror.

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