Peter Gunz Apologizes To Amina Buddafly After Making Homophobic Comments About Her New Boyfriend

Peter Gunz caught a lot of flack for appearing jealous of his ex-wife, Amina Buddafly’s, new relationship. Gunz has become infamous for getting into social media wars with men Buddafly is linked to. He’s now offering an apology to Buddafly’s new boo for comments he made questioning his sexuality.

Amina Buddafly and Peter Gunz
Amina Buddafly and Peter Gunz via Twitter

Peter Gunz shades Amina Buddafly’s new boo and unfollows her on Instagram

Buddafly has been posting workout videos with her new boo, a fitness trainer named Zimzon Zion. The two met via Instagram and he owns an LA gym. She told The Shade Room that they share mutual interests, including wellness. Like Buddafly, he lives by fitness and healthy eating. The singer has a lifestyle cookbook, Mi Dishes, that she spoke exclusively to Showbiz about in an April 2020 interview.

Source: Instagram

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“Mi Dishes is a coffee table lifestyle cookbook,” she said. “It’s 280 pages of recipes, lifestyle tips, short personal stories from me, and visuals. I created the 30-day guide for my fans to follow because of the amount of questions I was constantly getting about fitness and food.”

Since meeting Zion, they’ve tackled working out together. His 30-day fitness program, The Gladiator, promotes workouts without equipment. In the videos both he and Buddafly shared, he uses her body as human weights.

Gunz was not impressed with the videos, in fact, he found them to be inappropriate. The Shade Room captured a screenshot of a comment Gunz posted on the video, talking to his on-screen BFF, Rich Dollaz.

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“Does he lift his boyfriend like that? Asking for a friend. IJS,” he wrote. In an Instagram live video with him and Dollaz, he revealed that he unfollowed Buddafly over the videos, and said his son – fellow rapper Cory Gunz – followed suit.

Peter Gunz apologizes to Amina Buddafly for comments made on IG and says videos made him uncomfortable 

Buddafly paid no attention to Gunz’s shade. She responded to his Instagram comment with eye-rolling emojis and also spoke to The Shade Room about the ordeal.

“Peter’s just being a hater,” she told the outlet. “He has a whole girlfriend he is hiding from the world.”

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She also posted a few cryptic messages to her Instagram story, hinting just how much she does not care about her ex’s feelings.

“2 rules to live by: Don’t hate on nobody and don’t wait on nobody! Read it again!!,” one read.

“It will never be perfect. Make it work. -Life,” read another.

Zion was also unphased, telling The Shade Room, “I am a real African man that actually knows how to take care of a woman. Peter’s focus should continue to be on his children, and not WHO is making his ex-wife happy.”
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Later, Gunz and Buddafly hopped on an Instagram live on their own, with Gunz sharing more of how he felt about the videos.

“We got two daughters and I thought it looked a little inappropriate,” he told her. “I know I’ve done some crazy s**t but I don’t wanna see that. I thought it was weird looking.”

He also admitted that he unfollowed her and insisted that he was not a hater. When Buddafly mentioned the comments he made about Zion, he offered an apology. “I sincerely apologize, I was out of line for that, I shouldn’t have said it. I was wrong – I was immature and stupid.”

Buddafly also told Showbiz during our interview that she and Gunz are close friends and that they have an amazing co-parenting relationship.