Peter Kraus No Longer Talks to This 1 Person from ‘The Bachelorette’

Peter Kraus was the runner-up on Rachel Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette. Although he wasn’t chosen, fans went crazy for him and started a campaign for him to become The Bachelor. That didn’t happen and it’s still a bit of a mystery as to why.

Fans are now waiting to see if the personal trainer will ever return to the franchise. It seems like there has been a lot of back and forth between him and the producers on if this will ever happen. Part of the reason for that might be because he didn’t exactly leave the show on good terms.

The reality star no longer talks to this one person from The Bachelorette. He recently talked about this and more. Here are seven things to know about his life after the show.

1. He says the Bachelorette process made it an easier breakup

Rachel Lindsay posing in a floral dress in front of a black background.
He went through the process of healing after this public breakup. | Cindy Ord/Getty Images

The show’s process is known to be weird, considering the Bachelorette star is kept away from the remaining men while the series is airing in order to avoid spoilers on who she chose. Sometimes this has backfired and led to people growing apart and breaking up. But Kraus said it led to him healing after his breakup with Rachel Lindsay.

“In a way, I’m thankful that the process wasn’t really long,” he told Us Weekly. “If that would’ve been 20 weeks, the breakup would’ve been that much harder because the emotions would’ve been that much stronger towards her.”

He then continued, “And so I think that kind of helped me in getting over it a little bit faster, and there’s still days where I think about it and have maybe have some hard moments.”

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2. Kraus still says he is thankful for The Bachelorette

Peter Krause smiling as he sits next to Rachel Lindsay.
He is still grateful for the experience. | ABC

It seems like Kraus has a very weird relationship with the show, given he was rumored to be the next Bachelor. That didn’t work out. Then there were reports that he would be on The Bachelor Winter Games, but that didn’t happen either.

However, he says he still has no ill will towards the show. He told Us Weekly he has “no regrets” from being the show and feels “pretty good” about how it all turned out.

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3. Kraus says dating has been hard since the show

Peter sits on a stoop.
Dating isn’t easy for Peter. | Peter Krause via Instagram

How do you go back to dating in the real world after pursuing love on television? Given Kraus’ popularity, he said it has made things harder for him.

Making sure that the people are genuine in their interest for why they would reach out to me.  And then not being out in public and having everybody just assume that you’re with this person,” he told Us Weekly.

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4. Kraus says his clients have been mistaken for dates

Peter Krause taking a selfie inside his car.
He wants privacy for his clients. | Peter J Kraus via Instagram

The personal trainer is trying to go back to his regular life in the public eye, and it’s not easy.

“Like I go out with clients all the time, and a lot of my clients are female. So people start spreading rumors that I’m dating this person,” he told Us Weekly.

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5. He has zero communication with Rachel Lindsay

Peter Krause smiling as he leans on a balcony.
He no longer communicates with Rachel Lindsay. | Peter J Kraus via Instagram

Sadly, Kraus and Lindsay haven’t made up and no longer communicate. He told Us Weekly that they have “zero percent” communication at this time.

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6. He does know about Lindsay’s wedding plans with Abasolo

Rachel Lindsay (R) and fiancé Bryan Abasolo visit the Lord & Taylor NYC flagship store.
He’s wishing her the best. | Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Lord & Taylor

Some would avoid their ex’s updates about their wedding, but not Kraus. “My feeds are full of Bachelor information,” he told Us Weekly. “She’s still very much in the press, and so I see it from time to time. I’m happy for them.”

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7. Kraus said he wasn’t chosen for The Bachelor Winter Games

Peter Krause stands in front of a gray building.
Bachelor fans are still hungry for Peter. | Peter Krause via Instagram

Although producer Mike Fleiss tweeted that Kraus would be on the show, Kraus said he wasn’t ever cast on it.

They didn’t choose me to be on Winter Games,” he told ET, adding Fleiss “has said a lot of things through his Twitter over time that are maybe pushing a little bit or misleading in certain ways.”

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