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If we had a dollar for every time Chris Harrison said that this season of The Bachelor would be the most dramatic season in Bachelor history, we’d have a lot more dollars. But, Peter Weber echoing Harrison’s sentiments has Bachelor Nation sitting up and taking a bit more notice. Pilot Pete’s season has already started off with a bang with his ex-girlfriend (former Bachelorette star, Hannah Brown) making two appearances during the first week alone.

Peter Weber star of The Bachelor
Peter Weber | Michael Tran/FilmMagic

The Bachelor 2020 finale

But, the dramatics are just getting started if the previews for this season of The Bachelor are to be believed. Rather than a prolonged introductory video, Weber’s season opened with him right before the final rose ceremony. But, before the 28-year-old can make his final decision, Harrison throws him for a loop. “There’s something I just found out. All of us just found out. I’m not sure how all this ends, so I just wanted to give you a heads-up,” Harrison announces. Weber looks thoroughly shocked by the news. Later, the camera cuts to him speaking to the producers of the show. He calls the news “the last thing I needed to hear.”

Peter Weber says this was the hardest week of his life

Harrison has certainly been overzealous in the past about how dramatic a moment of The Bachelor actually is, but Weber has been particularly candid that nothing is being overstated this season. In a recent interview with Glamour, he was asked if the moment will actually pay off and give fans a shocking ending and he was perfectly confident that it would. “One hundred percent, without a doubt. No doubt. There’s nothing about that moment being overproduced at all, and I keep telling people that last week was the hardest week of my life, and it didn’t stop until the very end. That’s not like an ‘Oh, let’s tease this and have it be an ‘Eh? That’s all?’ No. It’s not overproduced at all. I promise you,” the reality TV star confessed.

As Weber reflected on “the hardest week of his life” he shared that the final week of his season was even harder than his elimination from Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. Weber was completely blindsided when Brown chose to send him home over Tyler Cameron and Jed Wyatt. But still, that heart-breaking moment didn’t compare to his final week as The Bachelor. “I have not been asked that. The Bachelorette [elimination], obviously, was horrible and that was heartbreaking, but this one is [is the hardest week of my life] for different reasons. This one was a lot harder for me,” Weber shared when asked to compare the two situations to one another.

Weber won’t share spoilers but admits he’s happy now

This season certainly was a rocky road for Weber. However, he seems to have come out of the other side of it. Though he has not revealed if he is engaged following his intense journey as The Bachelor, he has admitted to being happy with where he is now. “I can say I’m happy. I couldn’t have expected it to work the way it did, but I’m happy with where I’m at right now,” Weber explained. Only time will tell how things shake out for Weber, but our money’s still Brown and Weber as the endgame couple.