Peter Weber Says He Does This One Thing More Than Any Other Bachelor, and Chris Harrison Agrees

Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor is already off to a dramatic start. Before he even really began his journey to find love, the pilot spent some time closing the door on his relationship with Hannah Brown.

Peter Weber | Aaron Poole/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images
Peter Weber | Aaron Poole/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight last week, Weber admitted he was still in love with Brown when his season began shooting. When Brown suggested they “catch a flight” together, Weber says he considered it.

How Peter Weber felt comfortable being the bachelor when he still had feelings for Hannah Brown

So how did Weber feel he was ready to be the bachelor when he was still in love with Brown?

“When I was offered the opportunity to be the bachelor I was obviously so stoked for it and I took it because I truly felt like I was ready and I had moved on as much as I could. And I wasn’t gonna let that be a distraction moving forward. What you saw [during the premiere] was just kind of feelings resurfacing and it was real,” said Weber. “I felt, obviously, horrible doing that to the women that were there on the date just kind of out of respect for them but I had to be true to myself and I was and everything I said I meant.”

But Weber also says he doesn’t “feel that bad about it” because he hadn’t formed any solid connections at that point yet with any of the women from his season.

“I didn’t have insane relationships at that point. Feelings hadn’t really formed. It was so early on. So I give myself kind of a hall pass in that regard of why I allowed myself to feel what I felt because I knew I had an amazing group but I was just getting to know them,” he said.

What Peter Weber does more than any other bachelor

Because Weber has such an emotional Bachelor season, he believes he cries more than any other male lead.

“Oh yeah,” Chris Harrison agrees.

But openly emoting is standard stuff for the Weber family. Bachelor Nation saw Mr. Weber tear up during his vows renewal and who can forget that Oscar-worthy cry from Mrs. Weber where she begs her son to bring someone home to her.

Both Weber and Harrison say the end of the pilot’s season gets emotionally intense.

“There is no shortage of emotion at all,” said Weber.

“This [finale] will stand alone and be epic for a completely different reason. It’s not for an athletic event or feat [like Colton Underwood’s fence-jump] and it’s not for the topsy turvy twists and turns that was Hannah. His is more of an emotional ride and rollercoaster at the end,” said the host.

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