‘The Bachelor’: Does Peter Weber Get Engaged on ‘After the Final Rose’?

Get ready for landing. Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor is finally coming to an end — sort of. Previously, Weber teased his season may not wrap with a traditional engagement. Then during the “Women Tell All” special, host Chris Harrison revealed Weber’s Bachelor finale is “so unexpected, so unprecedented, there is not a single person who knows how Peter’s journey will end, not even Peter.” So does this mean Weber gets engaged on After the Finale Rose? The live Bachelor event would give Pilot Pete the perfect opportunity to finish his seemingly uncertain journey with a proposal to one of his final two — Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann Sluss.

[Spoiler alert: The Bachelor Season 24 finale and winner.]

Does Peter Weber get engaged to Madison Prewett or Hannah Ann Sluss in ‘The Bachelor’ finale?

Peter Weber on ABC's "The Bachelor" - Season 24 finale
Peter Weber on ‘The Bachelor’ | John Fleenor via Getty Images

Before The Bachelor premiere began on Jan. 6, franchise blogger Reality Steve revealed Weber didn’t get engaged while filming the finale in Australia. However, the spoiler king noted it was a possibility the 28-year-old would propose before or during After the Final Rose.

“Peter did not get engaged to anyone on final rose ceremony day,” Reality Steve wrote at the time. “Doesn’t mean he won’t be by the ATFR or ON the ATFR. But what I do know is that there was no engagement on final rose ceremony day in Australia.”

Then in a post on March 5, Reality Steve unveiled the winner of Weber’s Bachelor season and why there was no proposal. According to the blogger, Prewett quit the reality series at the final rose ceremony. However, Weber wanted to speak with Prewett before making a decision. Eventually, Weber chose Prewett and broke things off with Sluss. And in the end, the bachelor chose to go after Prewett and regain her trust. Prewett and Weber did not get engaged.

A few hours after publishing The Bachelor finale spoilers on March 5, Reality Steve shared a new source had conflicting information with his original post. “Being told so many different things now,” the blogger wrote on Twitter. “Original sources sticking by what they said. New sources saying that’s not it.”

On March 9, Reality Steve updated the spoilers about Prewett and Weber’s ending. In the post, the Bachelor Nation blogger revealed Weber did not cancel the final rose ceremony and got engaged to Sluss during the finale in Australia. But even so, Sluss and Weber broke up, thus ending the engagement. Then the bachelor decided to get back together with Prewett. That said, their relationship is still up in the air.

Will Peter Weber propose on ‘After the Final Rose’ on March 10?

In the March 5 spoiler post, Reality Steve revealed Weber was able to regain Prewett’s trust. He then answered why Harrison keeps saying no one — including Weber — knows The Bachelor ending. And the blogger hinted an engagement between Weber and Prewett during the live After the Final Rose finale is possible.

“I was told this is because Peter is going to propose to her officially during the live show and he doesn’t know if she will accept,” Reality Steve wrote. “Apparently he has no idea if she will say yes. Hell, maybe he’ll get cold feet and not go through with it.”

He continued: “Clearly Peter knows what’s happening in his life right now, who’s he talking to, and who he’s with. So to say ‘he doesn’t know how it ends,’ is kind of a play on words. I think Peter will propose on the ATFR Tuesday, but we’ll see.”

Nevertheless, with the March 9 update, the possibility of Weber proposing to Prewett during After the Final Rose seems even more uncertain. According to Reality Steve, Weber and Prewett’s relationship may not be quite as strong as reported on March 5. However, it may not be “dead in the water” either. So what does that mean for an engagement? All eyes are on the live After the Final Rose special.

“Maybe they are solid and he’s gonna propose tomorrow night. Maybe not. That’s gonna be what we’re all waiting for,” Reality Steve wrote.

ABC teases ‘The Bachelor’ finale and ‘After the Final Rose’

Whichever version of Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers is correct, it seems Weber’s journey with Sluss and Prewett continues past Australia. In an interview with Variety, ABC’s head of alternative programming, Rob Mills, recently teased Weber’s season doesn’t end when filming wraps and won’t be until the live show.

“I think there is probably one of two things that potentially can happen. I know the possibilities, but I don’t know the outcome. Nobody knows, not even Peter,” Mills told Variety on March 7.

He continued: “It’s going to be pretty unresolved. A lot of stuff went down since November when we finished filming, and even now, still up to the minute, it will be live on the show. Honestly.”

So will Weber’s season of The Bachelor end in an engagement with Sluss or Prewett? Clearly, fans will have to wait and see what happens next because this is shaping up to be one wild ride. And quite frankly, we don’t know if we want to get off.

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