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Victoria Fuller has been the subject of some scandal during Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. Early on in the season, she took to Instagram to tell her following not to believe the “RUMORS” and “LIES” being spread about her.

Victoria F. and Peter Weber | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images
Victoria F. and Peter Weber | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

[Spoiler alert] The “RUMORS” and “LIES” she’s referring to are essentially that she’s a serial cheater, that she’s slept with multiple of her friends’ husbands, according to Reality Steve.

Then there’s the Chase Rice drama.

Victoria F. told Weber she dated country singer Rice and broke up with him because she didn’t like his lifestyle. Victoria F. also told Weber that Rice told her he didn’t want her going on the show.

But Rice told told ET that Victoria F. was “a girl that I hung out with one time.”

“If anybody wanted to go on that show, I would be the last person to try and stop ’em,” he added. 

How Peter Weber feels about Victoria F. modeling for a White Lives Matter clothing company

Additionally, Victoria F. has modeled for a White Lives Matter clothing company – it’s why her Cosmopolitan cover that she won during a group date won’t run.

In a recent interview with ET, Weber said he doesn’t support Victoria F.’s racist modeling gig, but he believes, perhaps, she wasn’t “fully aware of what she was doing when she was modeling for that campaign.”

“I, in no way, support that, obviously, and I hope she has a chance to address the public and make things right,” he said.  

“Listen, I’m still learning about all of this in real-time just like everyone is because I’m just like everyone else,” he continued. “I had no idea any of her involvement in any campaign like that during our time together dating. I think it’s unfortunate and a lot of the headlines have been taken out of context with my support about what she was doing and I encourage anyone to read the full article.”

“I, in no way, support that type of campaign and I also do feel like, though, it wouldn’t be appropriate for me right now to speak too much on that without giving her a chance to address the public and make an actual statement,” he adds.

Peter Weber wants Bachelor Nation to not be so quick to judge Victoria F.

There’s a lot out there about controversial contestant Victoria F. But Weber wants Bachelor Nation to go easy on her. Apparently, he’s still a fan.

“I love Victoria. She’s an amazing person. She really is, and I want everyone, all the viewers, just to watch and come up with their own opinion about her. Don’t pre-judge on some stuff you’ve been hearing. She’s an amazing person. There’s a lot of endearing qualities that she has,” he said.

We’ll see, Peter. Much of Bachelor Nation seems to have already made up their minds.

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