Pioneer Woman: 4 Ree Drummond Recipes Perfect for Leftover Halloween Candy

Halloween has come and gone. And, for many, that means while the costumes are put away, leftover Halloween candy still lingers. Wondering what to do with it all? Follow Ree Drummond’s lead and make Pioneer Woman desserts. The celebrity chef has multiple Pioneer Woman recipes that are perfect for using Halloween leftovers. 

Ree Drummond’s recipe for Candy Corn Popcorn Balls is perfect for using leftover Halloween candy

Ree Drummond speaks at a Pioneer Woman event for The Pioneer Woman Magazine.
Ree Drummond | Monica Schipper/Getty Images for The Pioneer Woman Magazine

Don’t have candy corn at home? No problem. Simply substitute any leftovers from Halloween for the classic orange, yellow, and white candy. Have M&M’s? Use those. Milk Duds? Toss those in too. Essentially use any leftover Halloween candy to make a unique version of the Pioneer Woman’s Candy Corn Popcorn Balls. 

A 4.5-star recipe on Food Network’s website at the time of writing, Drummond advises anyone making these at home to use a liberal amount of cooking spray. That way, the popcorn, marshmallow, and butter mixture doesn’t stick making clean-up easy.

Top the Pioneer Woman’s Ice Cream Layer Cake with leftover Halloween candy

One of Drummond’s multiple ice cream cake recipes, this one is great for using up any leftover Halloween candy. The Pioneer Woman’s Ice Cream Layer Cake combines chocolate and vanilla ice cream, store-bought pound cake, and, of course, candy. 

Drummond’s recipe calls for peanut butter cups and chocolate candies. However, feel free to use personal favorites or whatever Halloween candy is still around after Oct. 31. The Food Network star doesn’t decorate the top of the ice cream cake with candy. She also sprinkles some in the layers. 

Remember, because this is an ice cream cake it does require a substantial amount of time in the freezer. After four hours and 15 minutes — four hours in the freezer and 15 minutes of prep — the Pioneer Woman’s Ice Cream Layer Cake is ready. Slice it and prepare for a new (and delicious) way to eat leftover Halloween candy. 

Add Halloween candy to the Food Network star’s Quick Millionaire Shortbread

This Pioneer Woman dessert recipe calls for not one but four different types of Halloween candy. Drummond suggests Snickers, Milky Way, M&M’s, and Twix. But, once again, any type of leftover Halloween candy will work.

Similar to the Crazy Bark, Drummond’s Quick Millionaire Shortbread recipe begins with melting chocolate. Then she chops up the candy and puts it in a bowl. Next, she softens dulce de leche in the microwave before pouring it over graham crackers along with the chocolate. After another layer of each, the Food Network star tops it with candy. Finally, after a few hours in the fridge, Drummond’s Quick Millionaire Shortbread is ready to eat.

Use Halloween candy favorites to make Drummond’s Crazy Bark

Drummond recipes don’t get much easier than this. The Pioneer Woman spends 20 minutes making Crazy Bark before putting it in the fridge to set. To begin, she melts the almond bark in a double boiler on the stove. Then she pours the mixture over a layer of graham crackers on a baking sheet. 

After the graham crackers are completely covered in chocolate comes the fun part. Drummond sprinkles pretzels, cookies, gummies, and candy on top. This is where all the leftover Halloween candy comes in. While it’s fine to follow Drummond’s recipe exactly, it’s also OK to use any candy that’s in the kitchen. So go through the leftover Halloween candy and pick out any salty or sweet treats to include. After all, it’s called Crazy Bark. 

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