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The “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise first premiered back in 2003, with “The Curse of the Black Pearl.” The film series starred Johnny Depp, among other well-known actors, and production largely took place in the Caribbean. But filming in such a beautiful spot actually prompted Depp to purchase his own private island in the area.

Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow
Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ was filmed on various islands

It would be easy enough to convince anyone that the entire “Pirates of the Caribbean” set was actually just a large pool and a green screen in a Hollywood studio (hello, “Titanic”). But, surprisingly, the movie was filmed on location in the Caribbean. There were various islands featured throughout the film franchise, including the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and St. Lucia.

Depp was cast for the lead role, so he spent several months in the Caribbean to film. He spent time in various locations; St. Lucia can be seen in the first film — specifically, when Depp sees the skeletons of dead captains hanging, according to Boat International. The Puerto Rican city of San Juan was the backdrop for the final movie; it served as the Spanish city of Cádiz. Other locations for filming include St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Dominica.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp | Rich Fury/Getty Images

Depp purchased a $3.6 million private island in the Bahamas

Grand Bahama, the northernmost island in the Bahamas archipelago, is the background for many of the open ocean scenes throughout the third film, “Dead Man’s Chest.” And it turns out Depp fell in love with the Bahamas while filming and eventually bought his own piece of paradise in the Caribbean.

The film prompted Depp to purchase a 45-acre private island for around $3.6 million, which is named Little Hall’s Pond Cay. Depp has reportedly since nicknamed the island “F*** Off Island” as a reflection of how private he has kept it through the years. Not much is known about what kind of property sits on the island, so it’s safe to say that Depp’s intentions to keep it private have certainly been met.

Page Six reports that Depp’s island has a total of six private beaches, and aerial photos suggest there is a massive estate that sits on the island. A dock and two boats were also visible in the photos. Other celebrities, such as Eddie Murphy and David Copperfield, own islands in the Bahamas, too, according to Page Six.

Depp’s island, highlighted at 2:08, spans 45 acres.

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Depp has reportedly purchased 14 properties — and a yacht — throughout his career

Depp’s private island is only one part of his massive real estate portfolio. The actor also reportedly once purchased an $18 million, 156-foot yacht to sail to his island, though it has since been sold.

According to Business Insider, a lawsuit filed against Depp alleged that he spent more than $75 million on 14 total properties over the course of a decade, all of which cost about $2 million total per month to maintain. Depp also reportedly owns a small village in South France, which sits on 37 acres.