Pitbull Convinced John Travolta to Embrace the Bald Head

It probably isn’t easy for an actor who took pride in having a full head of hair suddenly experience male pattern baldness before turning 60. John Travolta faced such a thing, without him ever talking about it publicly for years.

In more recent years, he’s clearly worn a hairpiece, even though it looked convincing most of the time. An unexpected source suddenly convinced Travolta to embrace real baldness, as in a completely shaved head.

While hair is still valued in Hollywood to an almost fetishistic level, it was someone from the music world making Travolta realize he should stop wearing a toupee. Was this finally the end of actors placing so much importance on their hair if they start seeing a receding hairline?

The unlikely connection between Pitbull and Travolta

A few years ago, nobody would have thought Travolta would ever have a connection to the Latin pop star Pitbull. Only when Pitbull started sending texted pics to Travolta showing latter what he’d look like bald did the two really connect.

Some stars would possibly take offense at someone they didn’t know well sending Photoshopped pics of them with no hair. One has to wonder since Travolta was known for a full head of dark hair for years, seeing himself bald for the first time from a Hip-Hop musician was probably shocking.

At least Travolta wasn’t ticked off, and because Pitbull is also bald, it wasn’t taken as a mock. Pitbull really has rocked the baldness, whether intentionally or because it just looks good on him. Some people look better bald than others, but everyone probably thinks they look terrible this way at first thought.

Thanks to technology, Travolta was able to see he wouldn’t look bad at all. In truth, he likely isn’t entirely bald either and maybe, well, hair challenged.

John Travolta outed his bald look on Instagram with his daughter

John Travolta
John Travolta | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Once Travolta and Pitbull became official friends, it gave former the confidence to finally go bald. It appears that meant just shaving whatever was left of hair he had, assuming there was any.

Travolta posted an Instagram portrait photo of his baldness debut with his daughter on New Year’s Eve. Apparently he wanted to start off 2020 afresh with his new look. And let’s all admit he looks good this way. Most would admit it looks better than a few of those hairpieces he wore in public.

The big question is whether he’ll stay this way and create an all-new appearance for the next phase of his acting career. Being bald really does open up new possibilities for characters he could play. Good evidence of this goes on some famous bald actors in the past who were always in demand with varied roles.

Bald actors of yore to look up to

Legendary names like Yul Brynner come to mind when talking about great actors who were bald at all times. Of those living, Patrick Stewart is another, plus Vin Diesel and Bruce Willis.

They aren’t always playing villains either, something the late Brynner usually played due to his sinister bald look. Not that many wouldn’t want to see Travolta play another villain again. He’s been great when playing someone a little more questionable than the good guy roles he played in his pre-Pulp Fiction years.

Outside of being criticized for flubbing Idina Menzel’s name at the Oscars and still searching for a cinematic hit, there’s an open door now to see whether he can reinvent his career with a new aesthetic.

Maybe the last half of his career will look very different in appearance from the first half, saving a lot of time hiring hairdressers.