Who Plays Bobby in Disney+’s ‘Diary of a Future President’?

Life was going pretty well for the eighth-grade student Bobby Cañero-Reed. 

He became the captain of his tennis team, complete with a jacket that spelled his last name correctly. He had a girlfriend and a pretty “chill” group of friends. Eighth grade is a confusing time, though, and this character dealt with some pretty big feelings. 

Who portrays Bobby in Diary of a Future President? Here’s what we know about the actor from this Disney+ original series.

Charlie Bushnell as Bobby Cañero-Reed from 'Diary of a Future President'
Charlie Bushnell as Bobby Cañero-Reed from ‘Diary of a Future President’ | Christopher Willard via Disney+

Bobby is Elena’s older brother in the Disney+ original series ‘Diary of a Future President’

Bobby Cañero-Reed is pretty chill, but he’s always full of crazy ideas, like paying for a meal entirely with pennies. This Diary of a Future President character also loves to play tennis and watch dumb movies with his friends. 

During Diary of a Future President season 1, this character dealt with pretty big feelings toward his friend, Liam. Understanding them wasn’t easy, and neither was saying them out loud. 

Thankfully, Bobby always has the support of his family and a family friend named Camila. He appeared in most episodes of this Disney+ original series, alongside characters like Elena and Sam. 

Who portrays Bobby Cañero-Reed in ‘Diary of a Future President’?

This series stars Jane the Virgin actor Gina Rodriguez as the grown-up Elena Cañero-Reed. Orange Is the New Black actor Selenis Leyva appears as Elena’s mother, the powerful lawyer named Gabi Cañero-Reed. The actor who portrays Bobby Cañero-Reed is Charlie Bushnell.

“Representation is key,” Bushnell said during an interview with Young Entertainment Magazine. “I think it’s super important for kids and teens (everyone!) to see characters they can relate to… who look like them… achieving amazing things.” 

“I hope our show will inspire and empower people to stand up for good and follow their dreams,” he continued. “No… chase their dreams! And to be proud of who they are. As Gina always says, ‘you do you!’” 

Bobby Cañero-Reed returns for ‘Diary of a Future President’ season 2, available on Disney’s streaming platform

It’s unclear what, exactly, will happen to Bobby in the future. However, fans learned that Bushnell would return to the world of Diary of a Future President for its second season. As seen during the trailer, Bobby and Elena learn about the addition of Sam to their household. 

One of Bobby’s friends also learned that Bobby has a new crush. This friend didn’t understand, though, that the crush is on Liam. 

“I don’t know if I’m ready to tell anyone yet,” Bobby said during the clip. Season 2 of Diary of a Future President premieres in its entirety on Aug. 18, months after the first season debuted.

In the meantime, all episodes of Diary of a Future President season 1 are available for streaming on Disney+. To learn more about this subscription service and its original shows, visit their website. 

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