‘Poldark’: Characters Fans Love the Most

Fans of the period drama Poldark can’t help but become engrossed in the characters’ storylines. Some characters become fan favorites, while others become the most hated. Here are some of the most loved and hated characters on Poldark according to viewers on Reddit.

This viewer loves Morwenna because she’s unique

Actor Aidan Turner, actress Heida Reed and actress Eleanor Tomlinson at the Poldark Series 2 Preview Screening | Chris Jackson/Getty Images
Actor Aidan Turner, actress Heida Reed and actress Eleanor Tomlinson at the Poldark Series 2 Preview Screening | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

One viewer gave her vote to Morwenna, Caroline, and Dwight. She seemed to have a hard time picking a favorite. She said Morwenna stood out for her because her character is so different form the others:

I love Morwenna because she is completely different from the other Poldark girls. She’s a bit quieter and has had a rougher time than them yet she still gets on with things relatively well. She was also so lovely when she was Geoffrey Charles’ governess, it was so sweet! Next I love Caroline because her relationship with Dwight is sweet and also because she’s generally quite witty and comical, which you can’t say for very many of the characters. Horace is great too.

Fans say Demelza is strong and kind

Eleanor Tomlinson | Tony Barson/FilmMagic
Eleanor Tomlinson | Tony Barson/FilmMagic

Fans admire the fact that Demelza is kind and forgiving. This was tough for Demelza, considering her husband, Ross, had an affair. “I’m always blown away and amazed by Demelza’s ability to find the good in everyone and forgive past wrongs. The way she was kind to Elizabeth and Valentine, wishing them Merry Christmas… What a beautiful human being. I aspire to be more like her,” wrote one viewer.

One viewer described Dwight as an “angel”

Dwight is definitely one of the big favorites among Poldark fans. Many mentioned how he tries to make the best choices when faced with a tough situation. “Always does the right thing. That guy is just an outstanding moral compass. I think I hope for his happiness more than anyone else,” wrote one viewer. “Dwight is an absolute angel. I love his and Ross’s friendship. I am so glad everything is working out for him,” added another commenter.

Fans have mixed feelings about Ross

Some really love Ross Poldark, but others hate him. A fan who leaned more toward having love for the character said she favors Ross but it’s likely because she’s a big fan of the actor who plays the character (Aidan Turner). One thing this fan likes about Ross is that he has flaws but that he is growing and learning from his mistakes:

I think my favorite is Ross. I might be biased because I’m an enormous Aidan Turner fan, but the way Ross has grown and changed and matured over the years blows me away. He is one of the most layered, imperfect, human television characters I think I’ve ever seen. He’s emotional and real and I love watching him, especially when he’s not saying anything. That man can speak volumes with his eyes. He’s no hero, but who in the real world ever truly is? He’s made mistakes, like we all do. He’s the most relatable to me out of everyone on Poldark.

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