Polly Lou Livingston of ‘Adventure Time’ Shared the 1 Thing She Had in Common With Tree Trunks

Fans are showering love on the late Polly Lou Livingston, the woman whose distinctive voice brought Tree Trunks to life on Adventure Time. While Finn, Jake, and PB were usually the main focus of the beloved TV series, characters like Tree Trunks, Ice King, and BMO also enchanted fans with their own storylines.

News of Livingston’s death in January made the rounds on Twitter in February, and fans have been sharing their fondest memories of her character. On one rare occasion, she dished on something she had in common with Tree Trunks, and it had nothing to do with apple pie.

Tree Trunks Adventure Time
Tree Trunks (voiced by Polly Lou Livingston) in ‘Adventure Time’ | Cartoon Network/Adventure Time/YouTube

Tree Trunks was a fan-favorite ‘Adventure Time’ character

From her penchant for baking apple pies to her sassy way of insulting Princess Bubblegum, Tree Trunks made an impression on the Adventure Time fandom. She belongs in the Cartoon Network Hall of Fame.

The character’s suggestive innuendo was not lost on the audience either, as many cracked up and blushed over the little elephant granny’s flirty lines. And Tree Trunks once declared herself “the sexiest adventurer alive” after unsuccessfully using her seductive charms on a tentacled creature.

Fans love Tree Trunks for taking PB to task about her suspiciously selfish ways, but she was also known for being loving, warm, and nurturing. She showed love to everyone including her hubby Mr. Pig, Sweet Pea, and her herd of alien babies.

Not to mention, she left a trail of ex-husbands in her wake that would give Elizabeth Taylor a run for her money.

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Polly Lou Livingston dished on her role as Tree Trunks

Former Adventure Time executive producer Adam Muto paid tribute to Polly Lou Livingston on Twitter and noted how much she loved playing the character. Back in 2015, Livingston graciously conducted an AMA session on Reddit and proved to be as charming as Tree Trunks.

She spilled on everything from her favorite character and scenes to how she landed the part. Fans learned Livingston adored Finn and Jake, but Mr. Pig was her favorite. She also shared her Texas drawl with Tree Trunks. That accent was authentic.

But when asked what she had in common with Tree Trunks, Livingston gave an honest answer: “Tree Trunks and I loooveeee to be in love.” With that in mind, one of the episodes that ranked at the top of her list featured sweet serenades with Pig.

She described which scenes were among her favorite in the series. “When I baked the apple pie for Finn and Jake. And the next favorite is when the pig and I sing love songs to each other in the flower bed. (You like the word bed, don’t you?)”

Miss Tree Trunks? How to stream ‘Adventure Time’

While HBO Max is hitting a home run with its Adventure Time: Distant Lands four-episode special, it’s also the home of all seasons of the OG series. Currently, fans can catch Tree Trunks and the rest of the Ooo gang on the streamer.

But it’s not the only place to binge watch the show. Adventure Time is also available to watch on Cartoon Network, Hulu, Sling TV, and YouTube.