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Movie magic takes a ton of moving parts. From the director and cinematographer to the folks who do the lighting and the costumes, making just one film takes a ton of effort and energy from hundreds of people. While actors have to memorize their lines, their stunt doubles are right by their sides during long days and long nights standing in for them when a director might need an actor’s physical presence but not their words or dialogue.

Many actors, especially those on the A-list rely heavily on their body doubles to help them bring their characters to life. They are so instrumental that many of these people have known and worked with their body doubles for years. Not only are these body doubles helpful, they often look so much like A-listers that you will probably be stunned.

1. Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon and body double
Reese Witherspoon and body double | Reese Witherspoon via Instagram

Reese Witherspoon has been a significant force in Hollywood since the ’90s, acting in everything from teen flicks like  Cruel Intentions to her most revered work on HBO’s Big Little Lies and in the biopic, Walk the Line. Though she hasn’t exactly been with Witherspoon since the beginning, the Wild actress’ body double Marilee Lessley has been by Witherspoon’s side on five different film sets and on Big Little Lies.

Recently, she introduced Leesley to her Instagram family saying, “Meet Marilee! She has been my double in 5 movies and now she is helping out on #BigLittleLies! Don’t we look alike?!”

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