Possible ‘Black Widow’ Easter Eggs Draw Major Hype for MCU Phase 4

As COVID19 continues to put everyone into quarantine and placing MCU movies on hold, fans of latter movies are still doing plenty of speculating about Phase 4. With Black Widow now delayed until November 6 this year, one of the most significant discussions is what kind of Easter eggs the movie has.

Every MCU movie done over the last 12 years includes little hints in the end credits of what might be coming. For Black Widow, it seems like a dead-end since everyone knows she died in Endgame.

Well, unless everyone finds out her death was relative.

What will the Easter eggs reveal at the end of Black Widow about future directions? There could be a surprise or two in-wait about Natasha Romanoff.

Will there be a continuation of Black Widow?

Kevin Feige speaks onstage
Kevin Feige | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

The big question, of course, is whether Natasha will continue in more movies. On Reddit, a new thread mentioned that this year marks a decade since Scarlett Johansson started playing Black Widow.

Some people on the above thread mentioned they think this will be the send-off for her character since 10 years is a long time. It would possibly be akin to Tony Stark having his major dramatic death at the end of Endgame.

With Black Widow, it may become kind of a past-tense coda to who she was as a person and superhero. Unless Marvel has some major aces up its sleeve on offering wild twists. One thing for sure is the end credits of Black Widow will more than likely give direction on where Phase 4 goes next.

Maybe it means a stunning revelation of Black Widow still being alive, or setting up some of the sideline characters to show up in the present MCU timeline.

What are the chances of Black Widow still being alive in post-‘Endgame’ time?

Rumors still float around about Natasha perhaps finding a way to survive after dying during the final battle with Thanos. One rumor exists Natasha did not die at all and it was Yelena Belova, her sister.

At play here is the idea Yelena used a Photostatic Veil to impersonate Natasha during the Thanos battle. In turn, maybe it was Yelena who died in battle, creating a major turn of events.

If so, where was the real Natasha? Some of this could be answerable in Black Widow, if just leaving things open to interpretation so another solo movie is made.

Since rumors persist Florence Pugh’s Yelena will play a bigger part in the MCU later, this might make sense. Although Yelena may pop up anyway, regardless if she never takes over as the new Black Widow.

Will the ‘Black Widow’ Easter eggs point to ‘The Eternals’ next?

Going by the order of Phase 4, whatever the Black Widow Easter eggs are would logically point to The Eternals. All past MCU post-credit sequences gave hints to what the next film in the timeline would be.

Since The Eternals has no direct relation to Natasha in any way, the only real connection is through Taskmaster. Apparently latter character had a teacher in learning how to use a sword. Some suggest that teacher was an Eternal, or Black Knight.

Perhaps an Easter egg will show this connection, not including revealing exactly who Taskmaster is under the skull-like mask. Even more interesting are the battles between Taskmaster and Natasha.

The ultimate twist of all would be Natasha dying at the sword of Taskmaster. If Yelena happens to usurp Natasha after this point, the Black Widow everyone saw afterward was never the real deal. Not that the MCU will likely go there, if the kind of labyrinthine plots Marvel screenwriters love to dredge up.