‘Post Malone: Runaway’ Trailer Paints the Rapper as a ‘Goofy Kid’ Who Doesn’t Always Feel Like ‘a Real Person’

A Post Malone documentary is on its way. On July 27, a trailer for Post Malone: Runaway was posted online. The trailer previews the upcoming documentary, which will take music fans behind the scenes of Malone’s Runaway Tour.

Post Malone performs at the 2022 Summer Smash festival
Post Malone | Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images

Post Malone released a trailer for ‘Post Malone: Runaway’

The trailer for Post Malone: Runaway was published online on July 27. In the trailer, Malone introduces himself, saying “My name is Austin Richard Post.”

Tour footage plays, and a voiceover says, “There’s often a moment that defines an artist. On this Runaway Tour, Post is having that moment.”

The rest of the trailer shows different concert venues, celebrities praising Malone, Malone making music, sit-down interviews, and tour performances. Celebrities like Niall Horan, Drake, and Travis Barker are all shown interacting with Malone while on tour.

Toward the end of the documentary’s trailer, Malone’s father Richard Post describes Malone as a child, saying, “He was always kind of an eccentric kid, always creative. He’s been able to be who he is since he was two.”

Malone seconded this opinion, saying in a voiceover, “Sometimes I feel like I’m not a real person. I’m a goofy kid. I like to have fun. But it’s awesome that people still want to hear what’s next.”

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What we know about ‘Post Malone: Runaway’

Post Malone: Runaway will be released on Amazon Freevee on Aug. 12. Based on the tone of the trailer, the documentary will show fans’ performances from Malone’s Runaway Tour and give more insight into Malone as an artist and person.

The Runaway Tour took place from September 2019 until March 2020. Because of the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the last five dates of the tour were canceled.

According to Rolling Stone, the director of Post Malone: Runaway, Hector Dockrill, gave a statement about the documentary and Malone, saying:

“I already knew Post Malone was a force before going on tour. But then, after spending time with him, unfiltered, close, and personal, I very quickly realized he’s unlike anything the world has seen before. He’s a polymath, loyal to his art, a true ‘rock star.’

Being on tour with Post is like every emotion hitting you at once, it’s intense, and it’s wild, and our vision was to pull fans into the experience just enough to get a glimpse of this, while leaving the rest to the imagination.”

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Fans of the artist reacted to the documentary trailer

After the trailer for Post Malone: Runaway dropped, fans of Malone shared their thoughts on the upcoming documentary.

In a YouTube comment, one fan wrote, “we never see what goes behind it all, the effort and the struggle but just wanna say we love you.”

“Can’t wait for this! Truly one of the living Legends in music industry,” wrote a YouTube user.

One fan wrote on YouTube, “A very talented down to earth artist!”

“These artist documentaries are so good,” commented a YouTube user.

Malone is expected to tour again with his Twelve Carat Tour, which kicks off in September 2022.

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