Post Malone’s Face Tattoos Comes From ‘Insecurity’

Post Malone is the kind of artist who’s hard to hate — and sometimes he’s even harder to understand. But despite the fact that he sometimes puzzles people with his behavior, he’s still achieving impressive levels of success. He’s also amassing impressive numbers of tattoos, including several face tattoos. 

What exactly is Malone thinking when he gets more ink on his face? He shared the surprising motivation that keeps him adding such conspicuous art.

An unusual musician

It’s not easy to describe Malone’s musical style. It’s sort of a blend of rock, rap, pop, hip hop, and folk music. He was only 20 when he released his first song, “White Iverson,” uploading it to his SoundCloud account.

People loved it and it blew up, getting over a million views in the first month. Not surprisingly, this caused record labels to take notice of him. He signed with the label Republic Major, and since then he has gone on to work with some major names in the business, including Kanye West, Young Thug, and 50 Cent. 

Malone also performed as the opening act for Justin Bieber’s Purpose World Tour, and the two became friends. It was this friendship that opened up a new form of expression for Malone: tattoos. 

His tattoo obsession didn’t start that long ago

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In 2016, Malone and Bieber were working together on his debut studio album Stoney when it occurred to him that he didn’t have any tattoos, while Bieber had more than one. He figured he had to be tougher than his friend, so he got his first tattoo, a Playboy bunny. 

That was the start of something big. Now Malone has more than 50 tattoos, and he’s showing no signs of stopping. While it’s not that unusual for a musical artist to have a lot of ink, he’s not content to cover his body. He’s also gotten a number of tattoos on his face, including a good-sized one that he got on New Year’s Eve of a gauntlet holding a flail.

Not everyone thinks all this ink is a great idea. Mark Wahlberg advised him to cool it, telling him that he’s had several tattoos removed and it was “dreadfully painful.” It doesn’t seem that Malone is going to take his advice, and he’s shared a few reasons he loves to add ink to his face.

His motivation for face tattoos is sad

Post Malone visits SiriusXM Studio.
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Malone has joked about his reasoning behind getting tattoos on his face before, saying that he’d do anything to make his mom mad, and it didn’t matter because he has “a face for radio anyway.”

In a recent interview with GQ, Malone admitted that his artwork might actually have to do with how he feels about his looks. 

“I’m a ugly-ass motherfu–er,” he said. “It does maybe come from a place of insecurity, to where I don’t like how I look, so I’m going to put something cool on there so I can look at myself and say, ‘You look cool, kid,’ and have a modicum of self-confidence, when it comes to my appearance.”

Fans have been worried about Malone lately, thinking that his behavior during concert performances makes it look like he’s on drugs. He’s assured everyone he doesn’t use anything stronger than alcohol. People were relieved to hear it, but it sounds like Malone still has some issues to deal with.