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There was a collective amount of head-shaking among the Power fan base on Sunday when the Paz-centric episode aired. Viewers took their complaints to social media to express their dissatisfaction with the quality of “He Always Wins” to the point that even 50 Cent acknowledged it with jokes.

So, what’s behind all the grumbling, mumbling, and utterances of “Are you for real?” Here are a few moments that didn’t really make sense for those in the audience or in some cases, in the realm of common sense.

Elizabeth Rodriguez as Paz on 'Power'
Elizabeth Rodriguez as Paz on ‘Power’ | Starz

Paz was like a walking version of Google Maps and the NSA

How this woman knew the exact addresses of people like Saxe, Tasha, and Tommy to commence a tour of pop-up visits is beyond anyone. How? People are willing to bend a little bit on Tasha since the two have spoken before, but how did she know the location of Tommy’s condo or Ghost’s hotel? It’s quite baffling.

That gun was toted everywhere undetected

Once Paz put the gun in her purse the first time, she carried it around like a pack of gum. She was able to walk into a federal building without being accosted and stomp through New York streets to aim it at Ghost/Jamie (y’all know she didn’t have a permit).

After taking it back from her son, she waltzed right into Truth with it and no one caught it. That leads to the next issue.

Where was security at Truth?

As James St. Patrick, Ghost was hosting a formal event at the club for his political campaign. Paz walked in wearing street clothes and packing heat. Yet, no one noticed this woman who was underdressed and stalking James/Ghost with her death stare and gun.

This seemed odd given the track record of violent events (robberies) at Truth. It’s recently been revealed that an explanation for lax security will be given in a future episode or two, but still. What was that about?

The expeditiousness of the FBI

How quickly Warner was able to get agents to move once Paz walked in with her vengeful suggestions. It seemed like same-hour service when it came time to exhume Angela’s body, bag the burner phone, test it, and come back with a conclusion.

The same thing happened with Paz’s demand to wear a wire. It took only minutes for Warner to do what Paz said and assemble a wiretap team, move into place, and send her in.

It looked like after all the zig-zagging around she did during the day, there was still sunlight left when she rushed off to the hospital.

Paz ratted out her sister for basically no reason

For someone who was so hellbent about receiving funds after Angela’s death, why purposely sully her name with the job? Her quest for vengeance seemingly outweighed common sense, and no one understands why she went to the feds about Angela. It did nothing for a case against Ghost and by pointing the finger at Angela, she guaranteed the family wouldn’t receive a dime from the government.

Paz was way too unwilling to accept that “Angela did this to herself” like her son said and will still carry a grudge against everyone except Angela for the next three millennia.

Fans are hoping the last three episodes wrap everything up nicely before saying farewell to this first chapter of Power.