‘Power’: After Episode 11, List of ‘Who Shot Ghost’ Suspects Narrows Down to a Few

It’s the moment Power fans have been waiting for, and there’s no doubt that the first of the last five episodes is going to be a hot topic of conversation for minute. It’s been trending on Twitter for a day already! Fair warning, this piece is full of spoilers so if you’ve yet to watch “Still Dre,” do not continue to read ahead.

The episode answered a few lingering questions and finally turned Dre to dust. Going into the “Who Shot Ghost” saga with seven suspects on the list, we know now that his name can be crossed off. But what does that mean moving forward? Let’s analyze the mystery.

Rotimi of 'Power'
Rotimi of ‘Power’ on Starz | Mike Coppola/Getty Images

These two people can definitely be eliminated as the shooters

Ok, so obviously Dre isn’t the one who shot—and slayed—Ghost. He walked in the building and heard the shot fired within seconds, hightailing it out of Truth and aborting the mission Tate sent him on.

Tate hired Dre to kill Ghost so it doesn’t make sense for him to go and do it himself after that. Although the councilman was seen in episode 10 wearing a hoodie and packing a weapon, it wasn’t clear where he was heading. It’s quite possible he was on his way to pop someone else, and that person could have been Dre. Frame him and kill him.

So what if he had the ID and license plate information that served as “insurance”? In Tate’s mind, tying up the loose end that is Dre when he’s least expecting it is almost the perfect setup.

Why fans still don’t think it was Tommy

Creeping in the shadows on the street is something Tommy does well, but just because Dre spotted him while at the red light doesn’t mean he pulled the trigger. The main reason fans don’t believe Tommy killed Ghost is because he had ample opportunity to do it all season, including during that shootout at the warehouse where Cedric the Entertainer’s character died.

But remember that Tommy told 2-Bit on the phone that he had other stuff to worry about and couldn’t take care of the Dre problem. Cedric’s character Croop is part of an out of town crew and he didn’t come alone. It’s possible that whoever is linked to that shootout is one of the problems on Tommy’s mind, and it could’ve spilled over to Ghost.

The other problem? Perhaps he learned that Tasha killed Keisha and decided to go after her, and she’s in the vicinity of Truth. This whole thing could play out with several people going after someone who isn’t Ghost but bump into each other. That remains to be seen in the last few episodes.

That leaves four suspects, with three plausible guesses

Let’s be real, Paz seems the least likely Ghost shooter for several reasons. For all we know, she found out Tommy killed her sister and tracked him down on the street with that gun we saw in the mid-season finale. Who does that leave?

Saxe, Tasha, and Tariq. While many don’t think Saxe is the shooter, he certainly has nothing left to lose. Tasha and Tariq are the prime suspects as they can’t stand Ghost and see him as an obstacle. But there are several ways that final scenario can play out.

Did Ghost step in front of a bullet for someone else? Was he killed intentionally? Viewers won’t find out until Power is finished time traveling with the last of its suspects. Keep tuning in each Sunday to find out who did or didn’t do it.