‘Power’: Who Is the Best Villain From the Series?

Anti-hero crime television series Power is full of interesting villains such as Kanan Stark and Tony Teresi. Additionally, many fans felt like Andre Coleman could have been the next James “Ghost” St. Patrick and would have watched a spinoff based around his story. However, the majority of viewers seemingly think Felipe Lobos was the best villain from the series as the first three seasons revolved around him, and he had a high ranking FBI agent in his pocket.

Power Felipe Lobos
Enrique Murciano | Paul Zimmerman

Fans enjoyed Milan but think his story ended too soon

Cannibalistic Serbian drug lord Milan (Callan Mulvey) entered the Power universe in Season 3 when James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) hired him as security, believing he was a man named Dean. Fearing Felipe Lobos (Enrique Murciano), James employed Milan to protect him, and Milan and his men watched the club owner’s every move.

Therefore, when partner Tommy Egan’s (Joseph Sikora) girlfriend, Holly Weaver (Lucy Walters), paid the Jamaicans to murder James, the drug lord swiftly intervened and killed them instead.

The move strengthened the club owner’s trust in his security, and he chose to continue working with Milan. Once Tommy and Ghost killed Felipe, he tried to fire Milan.

However, the drug lord, who knew of the club owner’s illegal activities, blackmailed and threatened him into getting back into the drug business. Additionally, he took over the friends’ operation and forced James to sell inside his club.

Milan then kidnapped Tommy and chose to make the drug dealer his apprentice. The two hatched a plan to kill James after a party at his club, but Tommy betrayed Milan and warned his friend.


When the Serbian drug lord arrived, the club owner had his men secretly surround Milan’s bodyguards and hold them at gunpoint. Tommy and Ghost then shot and killed Milan in a warehouse.

One fan thought the Milan “reveal was extremely well-executed” and thought the character “should have stretched across multiple seasons” rather than “having Ghost clean it all up in one episode.”

Another Reddit user pointed out that Milan was only meant to show the longtime friends “that they needed to put their issues aside and work together to take him down.” Despite the drug lord’s short-lived presence in the show, many fans enjoyed him as a villain.

Fans think the show died with Felipe Lobos

Of all the villains in the show, none were more captivating than Mexican drug trafficker and cartel leader Felipe Lobos as the first three seasons centered around catching him.

Viewers were introduced to Lobos in the first season when he revealed his displeasure with Ghost’s services. Then, a hitman from the Jimenez cartel attempted to kill him. However, Lobos returned fire and shot the man, successfully escaping.

In the second season, the drug trafficker arrived in New York to retrieve money from Ghost, where another Jimenez cartel member tried to murder him. Lobos killed him and then met up with Ghost, who he wanted to become a head distributor.

Later, the drug trafficker, alongside Tommy, were arrested in an FBI raid, which also resulted in the death of Javier (Lucas Salvagno), his bodyguard. Ghost then arranged for a contact to stab Lobos in his cell, but the drug trafficker survived his injuries.

High ranking FBI agent and head of the Lobos task force, Mike Sandoval (David Fumero), revealed himself as the wanted mole when he gave the trafficker a phone. Lobos’ contact then informed Tommy that he needed to kill Ghost and become the main distributor, or the cartel leader would kill Tommy and his family.

In the third season, the friends, alongside some of Lobos’ men, including Mike, worked together to break the drug trafficker out of jail. Tommy and Ghost eventually took Lobos to the woods to execute him, but he escaped. After a brief chase, Ghost caught up to him and shot and killed the cartel leader.

Several fans thought Lobos was the best villain from Power because the majority of the show “centered around trying to catch him.” Additionally, the FBI’s “only link was an unknown person named Ghost.”

Another user included he had an “inside man, which made him more dangerous.” Others felt like he was a “fully realized and dimensional character,” as well as the “most threatening and entertaining” in the show.

Finally, many fans are convinced the “show died with Lobos” as they think the “quality” of the show dropped off after his death.