‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Fans Predict 2-Bit’s Fate With Tariq

Gangsters, dealers, schoolbooks, and murder are blending together in Power Book II: Ghost to make Tariq’s life complicated.

As viewers are starting to see shades of Ghost and Tommy in this chapter of the story, the drug dealing game is ramping up on three different fronts for Tariq.

Now that 2-Bit is officially back in the picture, what does that mean for Tommy’s former henchman and the underground St. Patrick empire that Tariq is slowly building? Some fans have a theory.

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Power Book II: Ghost, episode 8, “Family First”]

2-Bit in Power Book 2
Michael J. Ferguson as 2-Bit in ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ | Courtesy of Starz

2-Bit came through for Tariq

It came as a shock to Tariq and many in the Power audience when 2-Bit showed up at Tariq’s dorm. Still, he remains a fan favorite character. With his fresh out of jail glow, he’s ready to line up some money and extorting Tariq is the current way to go.

Though 2-Bit threatened Tariq’s life over Ghost’s debt and upped his price several times, he came through in the clutch when his cash cow faced death. It was 2-Bit to the rescue when the GTG hitter tried to take Tariq out, and 2-Bit quickly dispatched the kid and reminded Tariq how to clean up the evidence.

For viewers, it called back to those times when 2-Bit rocked with Tommy, then Dre, and just the streets in general. But how long will he stretch out his shakedown scheme? If Monet or Cane find out, it could become a problem.

Some fans predict Tariq will recruit 2-Bit for his team

After seeing how 2-Bit handled the hitter, many fans think there’s an opportunity for Tariq to team up with him. Some believe he will make 2-Bit his muscle and like the idea of him becoming his wet work guy.

On Reddit, this comment is gaining traction: “Since Tariq already paying 2-bit might as well turn him into one of his right hand hittas. Brayden have all the right to feel some type a way! Bro been solid since day one. He the only ni**a Tariq can trust.” There’s a similar discussion happening on Twitter.

People think Tariq needs to flip the extortion situation around. Another commented, “Yeah he’s gettin a lil carried away with his extortion. First he asks for $25k in one day. Now he wants $50k for killing that guy in the pool. Can’t be extorting $75k in one week from a teenager. Tariq should have 2bit run the business with him. He could provide any muscle necessary.”

Since Tariq has limited protection in the streets and 2-Bit is just as savvy at setting people up, it may be the pairing the series needs, even if it’s temporary.

As we know, 2-Bit does not snitch, he’s not afraid to kill, and right now, he needs steady income. With Cane ready to strike back at his family’s business, the timing may work. Why?

Several people need to be clipped or are coming to close it. That includes Cane, Jabari, Lil Guap, and Riley. 2-Bit is that guy.

Others think 2-Bit needs to go

There are also some fans who feel 2-Bit is setting himself up to get taken out down the road by Tariq, Cane, or even Tommy (he’s bound to show up). They think he may die by the end of the season.

What could make things more interesting is if he aligns himself with fellow Queens dealer Cane to get back in the drug-dealing streets. He doesn’t have to be loyal to anyone at this point.


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