‘Power Book II: Ghost’: Fans Think Davis Is Setting Saxe Up to Fail

Unwrapping the layers of deceit in Power Book II: Ghost is not some difficult feat because there are plenty of players in this chapter who are playing dirty. Chief among them is Tariq himself, but his new startup requires him to interact with untrustworthy people and so does his mother’s case.

Heading into this spinoff, OG characters such as Cooper Saxe were expected to carry old animosities that existed before Ghost’s death into this new era. However, the midseason finale just cemented that fact.

From the outside, the plot seems to be tilting one way with Davis MacLean and Saxe, but some fans have another idea.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Power Book II: Ghost, episode 5, “The Gift of the Magi”]

Shane Johnson as Cooper Saxe in Power Book 2
Shane Johnson as Cooper Saxe in ‘Power Book II: Ghost’: Courtesy of Starz

The last scene in ‘Power Book II’ set up a new scheme

If there’s one scene that had fans talking from episode 5, it’s the handshake between MacLean and Saxe. Saxe, Ghost/James St. Patrick’s number one hater in life and death, is not done trying to take this family down.

Since Saxe recorded Tariq speaking to his dad’s tombstone, he really believes he has some sort of upper hand, when he, Davis, and we the audience know that the video is inadmissible in court. Tariq didn’t even make a clear, firm confession.

Saxe has demonstrated his incompetence and disregard for the law time and again (and season after season) yet he still feels he’s on the right path.

Once MacLean and Saxe swapped information and came to their impasse, it was the former who suggested they work in cahoots. It wasn’t Saxe’s idea at all and that’s part of the reason this whole thing will probably blow up in his face.

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Some fans think Davis MacLean is playing Saxe for a fool

To be clear, MacLean is no slouch and is smart enough to dissect people’s words and behaviors. He proved that when he figured out Tameika was hiding something and subpoenaed her.

Because Saxe’s genius reputation precedes him in the criminal justice world, Davis probably knows he’s easily swayed by proposals to clean up messes or to lock someone up.

Check Reddit, Twitter, or Instagram and note a growing number of fans believe MacLean is playing Saxe in order to free Tasha while exposing his corruption in the process. It works.

Why would MacLean trust him? As soon as he learns about Riley helping her uncle Nancy out, MacLean will again have leverage. The man knows how to play games while earning publicity and big money.

Why this theory may be valid

What is known is that Tameika sat Davis down to tell him about Tariq and Saxe. Though she may not believe Tariq’s story about Tommy shooting Ghost, she knows Saxe is guilty of being dirty and Tasha isn’t a queen pin. She may be helping MacLean sandbag Saxe.

On the flip, Riley’s involvement in this illegal investigation will either be Saxe’s or Tariq’s downfall. Eventually, she will get found out and that will either result in her death or her ghosting Brayden for good. She’s taking someone with her and it will probably be Saxe because this is Tariq’s show.

Additionally, MacLean can just decide to tell Tariq everything — or Paula will if she learns what’s happening — and he has time to formulate a solid, convincing story until Tommy shows up.

Don’t discount a surprise appearance by Egan since his name’s been dropped so many times. And somehow Tariq always escapes true consequences.