‘Power Book II: Ghost’: How Tasha Can Turn Her Messy Federal Case Around

After watching the first episode of Power Book II, some fans rolled their eyes at Tasha’s decision. The tables have surely turned on the family matriarch, placing her in the position that her former husband Ghost once occupied.

Faced with multiple charges including murder and racketeering, Tasha Greene is scared and poised to drag bystanders into her case. Her crafty ways could even help her escape life in prison.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Power Book II: Ghost, Episode 1: The Stranger]

Power Book 2
‘Power Book II: Ghost’ with Method Man as Davis McLean and Naturi Naughton as Tasha St. Patrick | Starz

‘Power Book 2’ starts off with Tasha in a sticky legal web

Many fans already viewed Tasha as one of the shadiest characters on the show, but she really proved it by name-dropping Tommy in court. After lying on dead Dre, she went for her old homeboy and it backfired on her.

For one, word will definitely get back to Tommy. Secondly, there’s bad blood between Tasha and Tommy and though he’s not in New York at the moment, that too can work against her in court. Because she openly admitted that she ordered a hit on James/Ghost in front of all those people, it established the premise for a RICO case.

Tasha also sabotaged two deals because she didn’t want to name an accomplice, but she didn’t have a plan B after that. Sigh. The thing with federal cases such as hers is that she doesn’t even have to be the one directly doing the crime. Hence the kingpin/queen pin designation.

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For Tasha, Davis McLean and a lack of witnesses may work in her favor

We know this is just a TV show, but in real life or TV land, RICO cases cover a variety of charges. Murder, extortion, money laundering, conspiracy, and obstruction are just a few, and Tasha implicated herself.

But who’s going to testify against her and claim they saw her running an entire criminal organization or engaging in any other criminal activity? Not many people are alive who can or would do that. The one person who’d probably be willing to lie is Tommy and he has a good reason. Witnesses count with RICO.

However, he’s a wild card. Saxe could be called to the stand but he risks outing himself. Tasha can try to run her battered woman defense and there are people who’d be able to back those claims up. She is going to have to come clean to McLean about a few things.

Tasha may be able to maneuver around the case if the prosecution can’t find suitable witnesses or prove a pattern of illegal activity. Maybe. There’s a high body count in Power so we’ll see.

The power of the DNC is a problem

Since Tasha and her attorney don’t know that Steven Ott from the DNC is pulling the strings to bury her, they don’t know how far the organization is willing to go to dig up — or manufacture — her dirty deeds to protect James’ name. That poses a challenge, but since we know Saxe the genius is on the case, it’s possible he’ll reveal that information to Tariq or someone on Tasha’s team.

Count on her case to drag out for most of the season so Tariq can become the budding junior crime boss he aspires to be. Catch Power Book II: Ghost on Sundays at 8 p.m. on Starz.